Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Gabriel, Fawkes, Cora, Christopher... all babies that are loved and gone within the last few years.  As one of 12 sisters and sister in laws, there have been many miscarriages, babies and infertilities.  Each situation is unique and definitely guided by God.  I've felt closest to my Heavenly Father when I was a missionary, when I made covenants in the temple and when I've carried these babies that he's sent to us.  But sometimes these sweet babies don't have a chance to live here for a while.  We still love them.  They're still my nieces and nephews, and if you know me... I love every single one of my 48 and counting nieces and nephews.  We love all these sweet lost ones and their parents, siblings and grandparents. 

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Jenny H said...

I feel the same way about my two missing kids