Sunday, December 6, 2015


Ada was named the noble knight from her class this week.  My kids love getting recognitions.

Saturday, we went to Emma's birthday party.  It was so cute!  They had a pet adoption.  They had a bin of dogs and the kids each chose one, then gave it a bath and made it a collar and named it.  This is Evelyn's dog named 'Robertson'.  Nella tried to convince her to name it 'Dread Pirate Robertson', but Evelyn would have none of that.

Seth found a buddy.

Making collars

Naming your pet

Ada's 'Pupcake'

Beautiful woman

Evelyn and Lance "feeding" their puppies.

After the party we went and took extended family pictures at the park and went to eat at Longhorn for all our December birthdays... Emma, Mom, Jer, Sharon, McKay... I love hanging out with family and letting the kids be together.  Emma, Ada and Aubrey were the three musketeerets at the end of the table while Sam and Devin sat and played together.  So fun.

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