Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tree of Life

I've been wanting to go to Draper's City park for a couple of years.  They put as many lights as they can possibly squeeze into the park.  The big, full tree they call the tree of life.  On the way back from Emma's birthday party we stopped in.  Baby kept saying, "Oh! Oh! Oh!" and pointing at all the trees.  He couldn't take it in fast enough.  Ada and Evelyn decided that they loved rolling down the hill.  Sam paused his moaning long enough to roll down and wrestle and promptly started complaining about being cold and tired as soon as we stood still again.  I'm so impressed with how willing Jer is to play with the kids at any time and any where.
Sunday night, we went with my Mom and Janelle to the Draper Community Messiah Sing-In for my Mom's birthday.  I still love it.  No matter how many times I join in to sing, there's still more to learn.  My Mom is the one that introduced me to Messiah sing-ins.  The first ones that I ever attended were at the Provo Tabernacle and the American Fork Tabernacle.  I remember going to a sad one at a high school after the Provo Tabernacle burned, but it is fitting that we go to one together on her birthday.  Funny thing.  Jer used to go to them too at the Provo Tabernacle.  What do you bet that we were both there together several times before we knew each other.

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