Wednesday, December 2, 2015

This week

The kids favorite chore is raking... this was actually a little bit ago, but I was getting pictures off my phone and thought I'd include these.

Family lunch day at the kids school


Sunday, we were all sick, but we tried to have a little together time anyways.

The youngest ones "helping" me teach reading at the kids school.

My girls pretending to be trees when we went to get a Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.  We decided that we'd get them.  We went to Baum's with Grandma and Grandpa Robertson.  It was fun to go together.  We usually don't do that.  It was COLD! 

Grandma seeing if there was anything to shake out of Sam.

Saturday, my parents and siblings took our kids and Jer and I took GGpa to the Sing in Messiah with the Utah Symphony.  It was very fun.  I had a harder time keeping up with some of the pieces this year.  GGpa was funny.  He said, "I'm singing tenor, this guy next to me is too I think but he's not doing a very good job."  I couldn't hear any other altos close to me, I felt like I was a little island in the sea.  Kind of crazy.

Ada had her last horseback riding lesson.  She's loved it and will miss it, but she's taking it well.  Sam is now saying that he wants horseback lessons too.

Monday was no school... so we geared up and jumped on the tramp in the snow.  Fun stuff. Baby lasted for about 5 minutes and then wanted to stop.  The other kids played forever.

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