Monday, December 14, 2015


Last night kicked off our Christmas dealings.  We went to our Robertson grandparents and read Christmas stories and sang carols around the piano.  It was fun to do.  Jer and his Dad took turns reading Christmas stories to the kids and Ggpa and Ggma kept us busy with song requests.  The kids had fun, until it was time to go... then they said that they didn't have fun because they were tired and grumpy.  Sam was being a nut and hopping past Ggpa.  Ggpa reached out his foot and tipped him over... Sam thought it was so funny that he went back 3-4 more times for Ggpa to tip him over... Then Ggpa was his usual gruff self telling Sam to sit down and quit because it was time to sing.  Oh the joys of age. Sam didn't mind too much.  Grandpa made everyone waffles.  That was a hit.

This was a couple weeks ago, but I thought it needed a place on my blog.

Evelyn is very imaginative.  My mom bought my kids a very cute wooden Nativity set years ago.  All my kids have played with it, but none more than Evelyn.  Hers is extremely creative too.  I walked it with her stuffing all the people in the manger and turning it upside down.  I asked what was happening and she said, "Jesus is in there with the Ender dragon.  Mary has to go and save him.  And then Joseph has to.... " on and on and on.  Not the traditional story, but at least she has the characters down right?!  Evelyn was brought to me in RS crying because she hadn't gotten the paper she wanted... I talked to her and she went right back to class telling me that, "I'm not going to cry, I'll be happy now." Driving all together down in the car to Grandma's house, I mentioned that Evelyn had been bawling at church.  From the back of the van I hear her say, "A ball for me?!" 

Seth is loving being able to easily get around the house and climb on things.  But he's now trying to come down the stairs standing like adults do.  He stands with his hand on the wall and dances his feet around a little bit, then he takes the plunge and goes down a step, then he dances his feet around on the next step and takes it.  It's a funny process to watch.

Ada's been crying over everything!  Some people have been telling me that it's the Christmas season.  Maybe so... but she also seems to be growing again.  She's been an amazing chicken keeper as long as I can get her out the door.  Once she's out there, she loves to see them, feed them and pet them.  She's also getting ready for her piano recital this week.  She's loving music and I think she's going to love her Christmas present from my mom. 

Sam is Sam.  He's very methodical and keeps to  his schedule.  He gets things done quickly so that he can move on to something he likes to do better.  Lately he's been going to his friend, Milo's, house.  I suspect it's because our Wii is broken and you can't have more than one or two players on the computer at once.  Milo has a PS2 and a Wii... I know they play other things together too though.  He comes back talking about air hockey and basketball. (Milo's the youngest and his brothers are both in High School so they have the teenage toys at their house).  At caroling last night, Sam was sitting by Grandpa and singing.  We started to sing some of the songs out of the Children's song book and the adults all whipped out their phones to have words.  Sam turns and tells Grandpa very emphatically that he doesn't need it and that he knows the words already.  Then after singing the whole song with gusto Sam proclaims, "See I told ya!"  Yes, yes you did.

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