Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Robertson Thanksgiving

Robertson Thanksgiving usually involves a few families.  This year is was just us, Grandma and Grandpa, and GGma and GGpa.  We tried to help with the food, but most of it was made by the time we were able to get there.  Jer made the pies and rolls.  I helped with the potatoes. GGpa said, "You don't have to make me anything special.  I'll eat the turkey." and GGma kept worrying that she couldn't see a turkey on the table because it was being kept warm with a cover on it.  Grandpa put on The Rithmatist for us to listen to while we worked.  I like books on tape.

GGpa left and came back dressed up in his suit and bowtie.  He said that he wanted to dress up for Thanksgiving.


Sam took this picture... but I love it.  It shows these two amazing and hardworking people.

The kids were happy to have goblets to use.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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