Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pictures off my phone

This is my friend and "coach" that taught me to fence in college and helped me get into the Jr.Olympics.  Later I served in the fencing club presidency with her and did her engagement photos.  She's in California now, but we bumped into each other in Provo.

The only leaf playing that we did this year.  It was fun though.

Adam showing Ggpa his new trumpet.

This is the blanket I made for baby Lucy.  I was going to give a star one that I was working on, but it just was failing miserably.  I really like this pattern though, so I'm going to have to do it again.

Ada was watching the baby while I helped Dad tear out the fence in the back yard.  I walked in and she had him sitting in a box with his bottle... yep, she's got it covered.

This kid likes things with wheels.  He was thrilled to discover that he can reach the windowsill...

Getting our hair cut.

Sam receiving an award at school... he's the one in red.

Our tub's cold water is broken, but Seth hasn't minded.  Sinks are fun too.

Catching up with Ggma.

Ggma has wheels too.  I can't keep this kid away from her walker.

Evelyn was taking her on a ride up and down with the chair remote.

Hanging out with Uncle Sethie.

Writing in their journals.

Yay!  Star Wars.

My cousin's sons were having a birthday party.  They're Vietnamese and boy do they know how to cook.

Evelyn with her second cousins, Emerson and Ronin.

Reading Evelyn to sleep.

Mom!  I discovered that I want to be outside all the time just when the fence gets taken down and the ground starts getting cold.

We met and made friends with our backyard neighbors when the fence came down.  It's been fun.

We got to have lunch with Jer at work.

Helping at Costco.

Getting ready to watch a movie.

He got himself all comfy cosy.

Helping Sam play Monopoly.


Helping John and Diane move out of their house.

Cute Joey.

Only way to keep babies out of the way for a minute?

Cousin Sleepover.

Ada horseback riding lessons.  She got two months of lessons as her birthday present this year.  She's loved them!  The instructor says that Ada has strong legs for how they have them ride (could be all the fencing is paying off?).  The first horse she rode was really easy to ride, the second is the one that she's been on ever since and is a stubborn little one.  She doesn't want to walk no matter what signals Ada or the instructor gives.  Once she's walking Ada can turn her, walk her in a zig-zag pattern, rise and fall in the saddle, slow her down, stop her and just learned how to trot on this last one.  Her instructor calls her a good little rider.

Harry Potter plays racquetball with walnuts?

These guys were eating walnuts in Grandma Robertsons back yard.

Reading time at Barnes and Noble.

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