Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Weekend

Halloween happened the same weekend that we got our new exchange student, Naoki Shitanda from Japan.  I picked him up Thursday night and dragged a very tired 15 year old student to our church Halloween party.  We had chili, watched the YM direct piñatas and I took him home early to sleep.  Friday, I took him to BYU for him to bus up to a class on Native Americans in Salt Lake, then I drove our carpool to school and stayed for the Halloween parade (don't you love Sam on his broomstick?!) and for Sam's Halloween party. 
Sam as Harry Potter.

Ada as Professor McGonagall.

Sam's class.

Baby did not want to sit in the stroller... and he kept getting into the crayons, so I finally just gave him some recycle paper and let him have at it.

Evelyn stuck as close by Sam as she possibly could.  She played the games with him, made the crafts with him, and he gave her the spider hat that he made.

Saturday morning, Ada had a horseback riding lesson.  Naoki said he wanted to come, so the three of us headed out.  I showed him through the stables and showed him how to pet the horses.  He jumped about a mile when one of them whinnied.  Ada's horse, Cupcake, was STUBBORN!  She did not want to follow any of the commands that Ada was giving, and definitely did not want to walk.

They made peace in the end.

Then we went shopping for Naoki to find things for his parents and movie club.  We finally got around to carving pumpkins about 3 pm... on Halloween day.  Yeah, we were late.  Naoki thought it was a hoot.

Heading out to trick-or-treat. Ada and Sam were from Harry Potter.  Evelyn and Seth were from Rainbow Brite.  Naoki wasn't sure what we were doing, but by the time we got around the cul-de-sac Jer had convinced him to dress up in our fencing gear and go trick or treating for the first time in his life.  He told me after that it was very funny.

He's a cute sprite.

Seth didn't want to keep walking, he wanted to open all this candy that people kept giving him.  He'd stop any time he noticed his bucket and dig around in it for a while.  We finally ended up putting him in the stroller and pushing him.

Keith, Ada and Laurel

Down the street, the Pirates of the Caribbean return.... they even had a firecracker cannon that they used.


Ada saying, "Nice to meet you." (Though that's usually what Evelyn says....)

This pirate kept telling pirate jokes.  The kids thought it was awesome! 

Evelyn, being her spunky self was telling the pirate off for "threatening" to make her swab the deck or something like that.

These two got in a duel... so Sam decided to duel the pirate with his wand... and instead of just pointing it, his boy and fencing self, hit the pirate sword with it and snapped it in half.

Baby was tired of riding and wanted to push the stroller... so Jer, as a joke, got in and the baby just kept on pushing.  The kids thought that was really funny and gathered around pretty quickly.

The loot was a lot smaller this year, thank goodness.  We only went about 1/3 of the way around the ward, didn't get candy at the ward party or at the Wilcox party, didn't go to Jer's work party, and the Robertsons were gone so there was no party there.  There were a couple from school and a couple from our Ward.... and I'm still all candied out.

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