Sunday, November 22, 2015

back ups

So, over the years, Jer and I have come to know the importance of making backups of photos.  We currently have two places I back up pictures... my blog and Jer has a monthly backup that runs of our entire hard drive.  Well, apparently our server has crashed and Jer is trying really hard to get all our files off of it, but it's giving him a lot of grief.  Our last back up was about a month ago... which means that if he can't get it off then we'll have lost Ada's baptism, Ada's birthday, Halloween, our exchange student, and our last set of family pictures.  I have some that I've posted on my blog about the baptism, birthday, Halloween and our student... but I haven't posted any about the family pictures yet because I was going to adjust the lighting in photoshop before I posted them.  That back fired on me.  (Maybe we can have another hang out day Julie?) Well, here's to hoping that Jer can get them off the server.  And I hope that he can get Ada's baptism ones too.  We do have a couple, but I feel a little sad about that because we lost all the pictures of her from when she was a newborn til she was one... it would be sad to lose her baptism too.  It's not life or death, but darn.  Good luck Jer and if it doesn't happen, at least we have a few saved this time!

Since we've had kids throwing up all week long and our carpet cleaner is broken, Jer ran down to get his parents' carpet cleaner while the kids and I picked up and moved as much off the floor as we could.  Then I vacuumed and Jer is now shampooing carpets upstairs.  I have to say, it was needed.  After our very spitty baby and the flu this week.... yes, it was needed.  I don't like cleaning carpets in the winter though because it's too cold to leave windows open and takes forever to dry, but the kids love having a sleepover in the basement.  They think that's pretty awesome.

Update on me.  My APRN has been trying to help me with my hormone imbalances.  She did a gazillion blood tests and put me on three medicines before taking more blood tests.  This last set of tests that she did, she took me off one of the medicines and said that it wasn't a thyroid thing... it looked more like an allergy or adrenal thing.  Here's to figuring things out.  My mom was worried that it was my mold allergy.  She came and cleared out a lot of my basement.  (I've been working my way through scanning my Grandparents genealogical stuff, which is mostly very moldy, with my brother Seth.  It's a little stressful to feel like I'm not in charge of the project I want to do, but a little less on my plate and less stressing out my immune system.)

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