Saturday, October 3, 2015


Both Bruce and Eowyn had said that they loved seeing the ruins of the bath house in San Francisco.  Tuesday morning, I drove up there and hiked around.  It used to be a Turkish style bath house where people could come bath in the salt water that was piped into the house.  They ran out of funding and the bath house was left to fall apart over the years.  It's also the same place that the local native Indians used to camp.  It was neat to see so many different types of birds.  The beach was kind of a gross beach, but the plants, trees and ruins were neat.  On one of the levels is a tunnel that goes through one of the out crops of rock.  I walked into it and BOOM!  It reminds me of the sounds described in caves from books like Treasure Island.  The waves boomed in the cavern below and echoed through the entire tunnel.  So cool!  Then I took the hike that went up the cliff and around the top.  That was neat, but very steep and my calves were sore for the next two days.
Then I drove 15 minutes back down to the gardens.  I was very proud of myself for successfully parallel parking in San Francisco... took me a bit, but it was done.  Then I unloaded the car of all my art supplies and hiked them into the middle of the Japanese tea gardens.  First I toured the gardens and took pictures.  Then I found my favorite spot, sat down on the end of a log and water colored for a couple of hours.  It was very freeing.  Oddly, I didn't care if people glanced over my shoulder.  I didn't stress when the tour group came by and all started tittering in Japanese.  I just sat and enjoyed doing.  I'm not quite done with the main one I was working on, but I think I get that done in the next week or so... I don't want it to just sit in my bag for years. 
After this, I met Jer and his two co-workers back at the hotel and took the walking bound workers out to eat.  We were trying to go get sushi in Sunnyvale, but the sushi place wasn't open yet.  We found a little hole in the wall Italian/Cajun place that was delicious.  The waiter was so upset when we asked for 4 checks though.  I couldn't see what was so difficult about putting one plate on one check each, but that's okay. 

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