Friday, October 2, 2015

First night in

Saturday night, we were so blessed to get to spend time with Jer's Aunt and Uncle Bruce and Tina.  It was fun to get to know them better and spend some time with Max and Ernest.  Max is an amazing cook!  Yum!  We went to church with them in the morning and I chatted with Tina while Jer did some updating on their computer for them.  Then we had an amazing dinner and played games with Ern and Bruce.  Afterwards we drove the last little bit to San Francisco.  It was great timing.  I've been to San Francisco twice before, but I'd never seen the San Francisco fog.  Just as we were driving over the iconic San Francisco bridge a wave a fog rolled over us.  It was awesome!  We stopped to walk around the Exploratorium while the eclipse was happening.  Then we drove by the Notre-Dame Cathedral and I panicked Jer by asking him to drive the curvy Lombard street and giggling while he drove up and down some of the steep hill.  There were TONS of people on the street because of the eclipse of the moon, so it made it a lot easier for Jer to drive without worrying about other cars coming.  Then we drove through Chinatown and off to Santa Clara to our hotel.  The hotel was nice, but maybe a little too nice.  There wasn't a continental breakfast, a microwave, etc.... and buying breakfast in the hotel was too much.  $8 for a bowl of cereal or $16 for a hamburger... or $39 for a steak.  Yeah, we ended up going to the grocery store and grabbing food to eat for some of our meals and going out to restaurants for the rest.

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