Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween Fun

My Mom and Dad hosted a family Halloween Party yesterday.  It was fun.  I was tired, but I loved seeing all the fun things that they planned.  The grandkids made a spook alley for the parents in my parents crawl space.  My sister brought lots of dress ups and the kids changed outfits and did a photo booth.  We watched Walter Mitty while the kids watched some cartoons upstairs.  Fun stuff.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Sleep over

After helping pack up John and Diane's house on Wed, we brought Adam, Rachel and Anya home with us.  It was fun to have some one on one cousin time.  Then the whole family came and slept over on Thursday night.  Good way to say goodbye.

Scripture time before bed.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


These fun cousins of ours are moving.  It makes me sad.  I will miss all the visits, game nights, movie nights, messes, chatting, and plain old fun.  I wish them the best in their next step and hope it works out well.  To say goodbye, we spent Sunday at church and after together.  It's been fun to have cousins our 4 kids ages around, and I've loved both the parents and each of the kids for their personalities and smiles.  Diane and I have become friends over the last 10 years, it's sad to think of not seeing her for a year or two.  But we'll be here whenever you're around and we'll come visit when we can.  Thanks for coming and saying goodbye guys.  Love you.

This kid was so tired after our all day party that when we told the kids to go get their scriptures, he did... he just didn't make it back to us after he found them.

Fall Break

For our school's Fall Break, I wanted to do absolutely nothing.  We did end up doing chores, playing with friends and cousins, and I did take the kids to pick out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch.  Ada kept telling me that she remembered this place and loves it.  Seth kept trying to dive out of the stroller because he wanted to walk around on his own (he's not exactly a fast walker yet).  Sam and Evelyn were just happy to be there.

Funny sayings

We were playing a game together and Ada decided to let the winners have some of her birthday candy.  Sam said, "No thanks.  My stomach is all sugared up." 

In church on Sunday, Seth was trying to do normal toddler things in Sunday School.  Jer told him no... so he went around for the next couple minutes shaking his hand back and forth like a black lady saying, "Nu-uh girlfriend." 

We were watching KungFu Panda 2 after bath night.  At the part that Po's mom leaves the baby, Ada just turned and started sobbing into my shoulder.  "Mom!  I don't want you to leave!"

Evelyn's current statement at chore time... "But my hands are tired of cleaning up."

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Gilchrist Family shoot

I was so lucky to be a part of this shoot.  My sister and her husband lost their sweet baby, Cora, not too long ago.  Emma, the oldest came up with the idea of sending messages to Cora on balloons.  So Sharon wanted to do a family photo shoot.  I have to admit, while it was easy to take the pictures.  It was not easy to do it without tears.  I loved doing this.  Thank you for letting me be a part of it.