Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tooth fairy fail

The tooth fairy forgot to give Sam anything for the tooth that we think he swallowed at lunch time yesterday... and then Ada lost a tooth today... so now the tooth fairy needs to remember both of them.

On the tooth fairy subject.  Ada's been asking if Santa is real and things like that.  We kept her up late tonight to talk and you could tell she felt flattered to be asked to be with just mom and dad.  We told her about the tooth fairy, Santa and the Easter bunny... though she insisted that the Easter Bunny was real while the others were not.  We asked her not to tell friends and siblings so that they could enjoy it a while longer.  And we gave her a simplified version of "the talk".  I had been really nervous for this talk, but honestly, as we talked to her it felt simple and right.  We also told her not to go around talking about sex with her friends, siblings and cousins.  We also talked about pornography and we were really glad to hear that her computers teacher had already talked to their class on what to do if it came up on the computer.  We took that and the recent video off of about kids and pornography and added the spiritual reasons why we stay away from it.   She took it all really well and was very happy that we were confiding things to her that she didn't know before.  It gave me a glimpse of what Heavenly Father might feel when we go to the temple and learn about covenants.  Everything we do leads up to that point, but the reactions of both the parent and child are really neat to see.

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