Sunday, September 20, 2015

Little Sahara Sand dunes

We had been planning on going camping this last weekend for a chance to camp with dad.  We got scared off with the flash floodings in Southern Utah and the high 30 degree nights in the mid Utah and Northern Utah camp grounds.  So we did a couple of day trips instead.  Friday, we went to the Little Sahara sand dunes.  Sam and Jer came here for father and son's.  It was so much fun!  The closest thing to it in my experience was Snow's canyon... and this was much bigger.  Climbing up the first dune was "hard" for Evelyn... she "couldn't do it".   But, once she was up, she went down with the rest and did pretty well at keeping up when she wanted to.  I had wanted to keep it simple. Jer talked me into bringing the canopy and carried it up to where we based our camp.  It was so nice to have.  The kids would run around and come back every 30 mins to be in the shade for a bit.  The baby liked to dig in the sand with his big tractor truck, and even though he was tired, we had a fun time.

sledding down was tricky.  You had to find a very steep place for it to work.

He liked the sand as long as he didn't have to walk in it.

This girl had so much fun.

Evelyn was pretending to be a jaguar climbing the sand dune.

Ada tried carrying him around, but trying to climb up those big dunes is challenging enough without carrying a 1/3 more of your weight. 

This one figured out how to go down the slide on our stairs on his belly... he figured it would work the same way with the dune.... he'd either slide down backwards like this or sit on his bum and scoot his way down. 

They all LOVED to be buried.  Dad, Mom, sister or brother... didn't matter who was doing the burying as long as it was being done.

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