Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Last fair post

Sam sooo wanted us to buy him a wooden sword.  If we didn't already have a million swords I would have loved to get this one for him.  It was a replica of Sting from the Hobbit.  And Sam really does look like a hobbit I think.  (That's Jer's cape from when he was little. Sam loves it and it really is the only dress up that he'll keep on for any amount of time... even at Halloween.)
 Ada and Evelyn were bowing to the queen.  This is a reenactment group.  It seems like they had a little from Henry the VIII, some tudor fashions and a few things from before that.

My girls just about had a heart attack... a unicorn and a man with a dragon on his shoulder.  Not very real, but it does seem like the fair is turning more towards a fantasy con rather than a renaissance fair.
 This lady was walking around and stopped to show a little girl how her wings extend.  It was pretty amazing.

 Ada, Sam and Evelyn all wanted to do the archery contest.  Sam and Ada made it to the second round.  Sam was especially upset that he didn't win.  I think maybe he has a high opinion of his archery skills.  Cute, but.... Honestly, everyone from the second round missed except one girl.  So they didn't even do a final round.

Evelyn and Dad were so cute.  Evelyn carries our bow around, but she usually asks Sam to shoot for her.  This time, she wanted to shoot.  And the hoop game was so much fun!

This was at a wood workers booth.  He had a little of everything, including the pioneer game with a bear on rope that's supposed to help teach kids how to milk the cow.

Seth was especially excited about the goats.  He kept pointing and saying, "Goat, goat, goat."

Here's the royalty officiating over the jousting tournament.

Evelyn having dinner.

Rolling down the hill.

We bought a bottle of homemade root beer to share.  This kid wasn't ready to be done yet.

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