Sunday, September 20, 2015

Antelope Island #1

Along with the sand dunes, we ate dinner in Miner's Diner in Eureka, Utah.  It's a tin tac mining town that's mostly a ghost town, but looks like it's having a small revival.  It was pretty good food, and a fun dinning experience.  They were very kid friendly and didn't even care when the kids decided to run around the empty tables... (even though Jer and I did care at that.)  We built a fort for the family to sit under while we watched the new Cinderella and ate graham fingers.
Saturday morning, Jer took Ada and Sam fishing while I did chores and waited for the tired 4 and 1 year olds to wake up.  Ada like fishing, Sammy liked casting but not the waiting.  They didn't catch anything, but they sure loved hanging out with dad.
After lunch, we headed up to Antelope Island.  My mom took me there when I was little, but I didn't remember much of it.  I love it!  The views are to die for, there are bison roaming around the island where ever you look and they have something for everyone.  I saw bison on the beach while some kayakers were hauling their kayaks out of the water.  When it got cold, there were a lot of mosquitoes though... honestly my only downside.

This was our view of Salt Lake City over the lake.  (Yes, we've had a drought... can you tell?)

We even saw an antelope.  The kids were trying to tell everyone that they'd seen one before.  I had to remind them that they'd seen a stuffed one in the museum, not a live one.

They have several hiking areas.  The one we did was 2.8 miles and relatively flat.  It was nice for little hikers like Evelyn and me.  On a flat surface, I can walk for a long time... steep climbs and I'm done for long before I should be.  We explained to Ada what buffalo chips were and she in turn rushed off to explain to Sam.  Evelyn was a fairly fast hiker for the most part until she had to pee, but decided that she wouldn't pee in a bush.  Sam was at the front the entire time, bouncing and hopping all over.  Ada stayed by me and held my hand.  She kept asking for stories and pointing out neat rocks.  Baby Seth bounced up and down in the carrier because it was so exciting... then promptly fell asleep on Jer's back.

Classic Evelyn smile face.

Yes, I got up there too.  I just had to take some pictures first.

This one was lame.  I was trying to explain how lucky he was to live on the island instead of where there were predators.  I'm not sure they understood.

This one was just standing in between two campers....just having dinner.

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