Friday, July 31, 2015

Golden Spike

On the way home from Idaho, we went to the Golden Spike Historical site.  We just got the tail end of it when they closed, but it was neat to know where we were and what happened there.  Next year is the 150th anniversary of when the transcontinental railroad was completed, I bet they'll have a big to do.  It might be fun to go to.

Set on a timer on top of my camera bag... See, I'm here too!

We also drove past the Brigham City temple on our way home.

Slip n slide

We had been wanting to go to the Lava Hot Springs while we were there, but it turns out that my aunt has a giant slip n slide.... That was fun.  I loved watching my family play.  I was a stick in the mud, but I got to chat with my parents, sister and aunt.  I love that.  Ada and Sam especially loved the slide... they just went and went. Baby was half and half... you could tell he kind of liked it, but not really.

Great Aunt Diane Ladwig

My mom and dad invited us up to spend the day at my Aunt Diane's house in Idaho.  It was fun to see Grandma, Grandpa and Nella after not seeing them for a couple weeks.  We also got to visit with Eric and Audra for a little while.  I loved it.

"Grandma, play with me!" "I'd love to."

Diane invited Ada to help her feed the chickens and turkeys.  Ada was in absolute heaven.

He was pretty proud of his new tractor...

Evelyn kept calling the turkeys the 'Big guys'.

Ggma and Ggpa

Ggma Robertson got sick not too long ago and Jim flew down and moved his 95 year old parents up to his house so that they could help them better.  Ggpa still insists that they're going home tomorrow.  He was really sweet with baby Seth.  Baby was messing up  his magazines and instead of getting frustrated he said, "You want one, here you can have this one." And handed him a magazine.  Seth was sooooo excited and gave his Grandpa one of the biggest smiles.  No matter what happens, I'm glad for this opportunity for my kids to know their Ggma and Ggpa better. 
Ada danced for Ggma and came back saying she wanted to pick blackberries for her.