Sunday, June 28, 2015

"This week in pictures" 2

Amy and Marg hosted us and Maida's girls for a tea party.  It was so cute.  All the boys brought a stuffed animal, the girls brought their dolls, and Evelyn insisted on a purple dragon.  They had chocolate milk and all sorts of little "doll" foods.  My favorite was that Aubrey had individually wrapped chocolate chips to look like kisses.

Starting on the bottom left: Maisy, Sam, Cyrus, Eli, Mariah, Joseph, Jonathan, Abby, Madeline, Aubrey, Evelyn, Amelia and Ada.

Even Seth and Isabel were in on the action. Grandma tried to give them whipped cream... Seth wasn't quite sure what to do with it.  For a while, Isabel sat there feeding food to Seth.  It was really cute.

Evelyn, Maisy, Amelia and Cy.  Grandma had put in a bunch of cinnamon into the sand to keep the kitties from using it as a litter box.  Evelyn smelled like cinnamon toast.

Dad had the Stake Aaronic Priesthood Encampment this last week, so I let the kids have a sleepover in Sam and Evelyn's room.  I love that they "circled the wagons" around the trampoline.

My parents, brother Seth and Janelle took us to go see the movie "Inside Out" at the theater.  It was a very emotional movie.  I had to explain to the kids that we don't really have people inside us that control our emotions, but it was really easy to be able to explain about different emotions when we were talking about the movie.

"This week in pictures" 1

We've been summer busy... not only are we continuing our construction on the porch, but we're almost done with the new ceiling in the kitchen.  The texturing is done and priming and painting are next.  We've also had family and friends to play with and catch up with.  Amy and her family are still up from Arizona, Marg and her kids are down from Indiana, and my good friend Jenny was up down from Wisconsin.  

Sam and Evelyn jumping with Jonathan, Mariah, and Amelia.  Evelyn and Amelia are inseparable.

Sam was missing the Morrise's dog and sat forever trying to get to ours... so Sam helped him.

And lazy me didn't want to clean the car after all the stuff we've been doing... so I took the kids to play at the car wash play area.

A few days ago, there were 10 military helicopters that flew by in perfect formation when we went shopping at Costco.  It was pretty amazing.

My parents and Seth finished their back patio.  It looks absolutely amazing. The kids had a fun time trying out the new fire pit.

More jumping.... Jonathan broke his arm pretty good on there too.  Sam was doing handstands and flips.  Jonathan wanted to do it too... and his arm just snapped in half. He told the tech that he didn't try to do it, he did do it.

My amazing friend, Jenny, came to visit her family and took the time to come spend the day with us.  Can I just say how much I love this lady.  So fun to talk to, and we have a lot in common.  We tried to meet up at the park, but it was sooooo hot.  We decided to go to the Peppermint Place and watch the candy decorators at work instead.  On the way, we saw these really cool trucks and tractors that were set out like it was a museum.  We stopped to take a look and take some pictures.  I loved the tractors especially because my Grandpa Ellis taught me to drive one when I was about 12. (Can't say that I remember much today though!)  It wasn't until we'd worked our way to the other end of the lot that we saw the no trespassing sign.  So to the man with the amazing tractors and trucks, we're sorry!  We really didn't mean to trespass and we very much love your amazing collection.  So neat to see!

Jer and I met Jenny and her husband Jed in our Ward when we first got married 10 years ago.  Jenny reached out to me as a new lady in the ward and we've been friends ever since.  (dinners, movies, game nights, helping with moving, camp dinners, etc...)  Their oldest daughter was in the Nursery class that we taught, and it's amazing that even though they barely know each other Ada and Emma get along well. So do Sam and Ashton, as well as Evelyn and Jake. Very fun.  We're so blessed to have these friends.

Monday, June 22, 2015


Washing the dog


Sleeping at camp

They built it

This was the big set that Ada and Sam wanted with birthday money...

May the Force be with you

I sent my phone with Ada to get a picture of Evelyn and Amelia paying together... This is what they came back with...

Bear Lake

Last week we got home from Florida on Monday and Jer was off to scout camp Tuesday morning. I really don't like just hanging out at home when he's gone, so since we had a Bear Lake week... we went.  It was a little hard to get everything packed and ready after being gone, but with the help of my brother Seth we were able to get on our way.  Seth mowed the lawn and helped me get packed.  We left on Thursday and drove up following my Mom in her car with McKay's kids.  We had so much fun. Baby had a really hard time for his first time at the lake. He wanted me to either hold him or be touching him for about 3 days straight. He loved walking in the lake, but hated trying to sit him down to play in the water. Ada, Aubrey and Emma were little fish/dolphins the whole time.  Evelyn and Lance played pretend everywhere... the lake, the shore, the cabin, the fire...  because we missed the work weekend, we tried to do some helpful things while we were there.  We tried to get the kids involved, so we weeded and Seth helped the boys burned the weeds, I got the three older girls and it was really cute to watch them become an assembly line to wash all the dishes in the kitchen.  It was really funny to hear them working together.  Emma saying, "Come on Aubrey, my job is getting really boring." (She was rinsing and Aubrey was washing.) Aubrey was busy singing 'It's a hard knock life' from Annie. Ada skipped about half the work by saying she had to use the bathroom. Everyone did a great job working and we had a fun time playing afterwards. 

Thank goodness for Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles, and Ada for taking baby for me to have free time to use the bathroom, prepare kids for swimming, and packing the tent up.  He did rather like playing with the rocks though.  By the way, my camera batteries were both dead so Sharon shared her pictures with me.

Sharon had baby in the cabin while I was trying to sleep for an hour or two (the baby really didn't like camping)... he saw Ada run past the window and started yelling, "Ada! Ada! Ada!"

Saturday night we drove home to see daddy and get ready for Father's Day.  Seth drove back with us. We took turns driving and reading Harry Potter to the kids, it was fun and the kids did really well until we were about 20 minutes away... then they just wanted to get out! It was kind of funny.

Thanks family.  I loved being at Bear Lake to chat and play. I love to take the kids, and all of them ask when we're going again.  Here's to hoping that baby will like it next time!
Ada the dolphin

Lance and Evelyn in the shallows

My baby saying, "Hey! You put me down!"


The cleaning crew.  Aren't they cute!

The three little fishies

Keep me busy mom or I'll cry!

Here Ada!  See if he'll play with you in the sand while I stand up and walk around for a minute... well, that lasted all of 2 minutes...

Grandma and the bathing beauties

Father's Day #2

Father's Day

We've had the most exciting three weeks so I didn't much feel like anything special on Father's Day, but I have to say that we do have one amazing Father.  This year is our 10 year anniversary, and it seems like we just met.  Jer loves me and the kids unconditionally.  He's amazing with playing with our babies and keeping them learning good things.  He loves our crazy adventures and projects. He's an amazing Scout leader and I'm impressed as I listen in on their meetings... he urges these little 12 year olds to become planners and leaders.  He keeps me having fun and listens to all my rants and opinions.  He loves me whether I'm thin or fat. He supports me as I try to be healthy and teach the kids to be healthy... he even eats veggies just so that the kids will.  I love how Jer is always listening to Conference talks as he cooks in the kitchen and I love that he's always ready to help others and worthy for any priesthood duties. My favorite moments are when he looks at our babies with adoration. Jer, I've loved the last 10 years and I'm looking forward to several decades more.