Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Truly Good and Without Guile

The Visiting Teaching message this month was about being without guile. As I've been listening to conference talks, there was one that popped up in my queue this morning was a talk called, "Truly Good and without Guile". As I listened, I got a little homesick for my Grandpa Wilcox.  He is one of the people that I've met that is truly Good and Without Guile. Thank you for setting a good example Grandpa!  I want to be more like you!

Evelyn this morning

Talking about how Ada and Sam are at school, "And Sam is my brother. And I'm their leader. They like me to be their leader."

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Seth discovered that he likes Oreos

Ada, Evelyn, Seis and Leilei enjoyed a backyard tea party

Ada did her homework in style

Sam and Ada sang at the UVU vs Grand Canyon baseball game with their school.  It was fun, but it started raining during the 5th inning and we left.

This kid loved the people, the sounds and the sights.

These two buddies both like food... a lot.

This pretty much sums up our Saturday.  Ada and Adam wrestled and ran through the wind with big and colorful umbrellas. Sam, Evelyn, Joey, Rachel and Josh wanted to take turns on the computers and tablets around the house.  Josh gave me big hugs and told me to be nice when I sarcastically said, "Dumb Jeremy." (I was telling a story about how Sam used to use "Oh Jeremy" as his swear word because that's what Jer says to himself when he's frustrated.  I don't call my husband dumb. He's anything but.)


Our cat likes certain people.  Ada, my brother Seth, me, our neighbor Michael... and apparently the baby too.  Every day that we've been out to work in the yard in the last week the cat has kept the baby busy.  This last time, they sat like this forever until the cat got startled by a loud noise and ran away. He doesn't pull her fur and she doesn't bite him.  It's really sweet.


I like to be ready for birthdays a couple weeks in advance so that I can enjoy their birthday and not run around worrying about what to get them. Here are my Sam and Evelyn presents for this year. I didn't have the hat pattern but I saw it on pintrest and adapted one of my own... Rainbow Dash is her favorite pony.  I personally think the eyes on the minion are rather creepy but Ada assures me that it's awesome and that Sam will love it. She's also requested a minion of her own for her birthday.... Maybe a purple one?  Sam is obsessed with money right now. I told him this year that instead of buying him presents that we'd give him money and he could buy his own... He's rather excited about that.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Kindergarten rules

Volunteering in the kids school is never just me... It's me and the younger kids. Evelyn gives Sam a hug and sits next to him listening to the teacher if she doesn't want to sit by me. (She sits by Sam in Primary too.) One of the times we went, Evelyn gave Sam a big hug and kiss. Sam,
a little shocked says, "Evelyn! There's no kissing in Kindergarten! "


I haven't really sat down to blog for a bit.  I haven't been able to send more than a few pictures by my phone.  We've had busy but fun things going on.  A couple weeks ago Jer was off at scout camp and us girls were invited to go to have dinner with Rachel and their girls for Rachel's birthday.  My brother Seth was amazing and watch Sam and baby for me while we went.  Ada now says that her favorite place to eat is Pei Wei.  Since then, Ada spoke in Primary about Joseph Smith translating the Book of Mormon.  I make my kids write their own talks.  This one was a little daunting for Ada because she didn't know anything more than the fact that Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon... so I gave her a couple books to read and showed her some videos about it.  I was impressed at what she picked up.  I wish I knew where her talk was, but I do remember her mentioning that it was dangerous and hard. Also that she bore her testimony about how she feels when she reads the Book of Mormon.  I love hearing as she grows and matures. The next Sunday Sam was assigned the scripture and Evelyn the talk.  It was on Joseph Smith re-establishing the church.  Sam practiced the Article of Faith several times and when we got there they switched and gave him a different one... so Sam just read it.  Several of the teachers were impressed by how well he reads... Heck, I am too. But my amazing reader is still a little boy and yelled, "Bok, bok!" into the microphone when he was done. I didn't know whether to laugh or glare, so I smiled and talked to him about it later. (Turns out that Jer took him aside and talked to him too.) Our sweet Primary President made a big deal about how Sunbeams are brave and very nervous when they give talks... Evelyn wasn't nervous at all... she almost bounced out of her seat because she wanted to be like Ada and give a talk. (She even insisted that she was supposed to give her talk during sacrament meeting.)  It was harder to help Evelyn write her talk.  She knew the story about Joseph praying in the trees, but she didn't know anything else... so I showed her how Jesus set up the church and how the apostles and prophets died and how the Priesthood power wasn't on Earth anymore. I used cups with pictures on them that I'd made long ago.  Evelyn got how it fell and how God called a new prophet and set up a new church, but she didn't get that it didn't keep falling over and over again because "they died".  Eventually she got it. So I asked her questions and she answered them... and I wrote down her answers.

"Jesus loves me and I'm part of the church. Jesus came to Joseph Smith and told him that the church had been destroyed. Jesus told Joseph to make the church again so it won't be destroyed again. Joseph called new apostles and gave us the Book of Mormon. I'm glad that Jesus died for me. I love Jesus all day long."

Now Sam has been assigned a talk on the First Vision, which he told us all about but he's insisting on writing down every detail and having me spell out every single word for him.  We're only about a sentence into the talk.... And Evelyn's been assigned the scripture. I swear that our Primary is more than 4 kids. I think that Junior Primary is about 30.

Lately I've also been tearing out 3 of our flower beds, tying back the roses and planting our tiny garden.  I'm not the best gardener but I guess I won't learn if I don't try right?  Sam's Kindergarten class was doing a unit on Africa so they asked if I'd bring some stuff in.  The kids got a kick out of the drums, money and broom.  Sam was very helpful and carried things around to show all the kids.  Super cute. They liked the story about Janelle and I eating lunch in the park one day and the monkey stealing our sandwiches.  My mom and Janelle came over to visit too... it's been fun. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mom's glad that the kitty likes the baby

I was napping, really

Ada and Laurel

Ada has decided that she's too big for little kid toys, but she's okay with sitting under an umbrella with her bestie and doing fingernails and make up...

Cute sister

I think he likes it


Evelyn does really well at not wetting her pants... Until of course, she doesn't.  One of the times was at the park. Luckily Sam had a jacket in the car and baby has diapers big enough to fit Evelyn.  She sure was classy in a Captain America jacket and princess boots.

Kept busy

The cat was really good at keeping the baby busy while I tied back roses... It worked out well.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Evelyn declares

Evelyn is definitely funny. Today she saw me come downstairs and said, "Yay Mom, you're dressed!" Not too long ago she was picking out notes on the piano saying, "A, B, C, D, E, F, G, LYN!" I asked if she was spelling her name and she says, "No, I didn't say EVE..."


I gave all three boys haircuts before bed last night. I did Sam, then I did Seth... I thought he'd scream. He actually really liked the clippers... He just didn't like me trying to blend things in with the scissors.  So he has half a haircut... At least he doesn't have a rats tail or baby comb over anymore. We sent Sam to bed and put Seth on the floor while I cut Jer's hair. It was okay for about five minutes, then Seth decided he was sad and crawled through all the hair to hold my feet. Jer was joking that he needed to toughen up... It'll put hair on his chest.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


I love that he figured out how to use a drum! Super cute!

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Baby likes Jer's pancakes...

Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Break

Spring Break has been a whirlwind of Evelyn in jammies all the time, friends, chores, Easter candy and lazy mommy.  I've been trying to do my Spring cleaning, but I'm only mildly successful with 7 8 and under kids running around the house. We did get out of the house a couple of times to make it to the wood park and to get to the BYU Museum of Art to see the Oragami exhibit which was absolutely amazing. Evelyn even remembered that there are big metal "ducks" behind the museum and insisted that we go see them. 

Spring break buddies

Sunday Conference

Kids coloring during Conference

Even Seth was listening

Naps with Grandma are the best

Dare Devil Sam

And Ada discovered that she could bribe EVERYONE to follow her if she promised to share her Easter candy with them.  Not such a proud momma moment, but it was really cute to see this big line of kids tromping around the backyard... Arwen stoically trailing behind wherever they went.

Wilcox Easter Party/Conference

It was nice to have Conference and Easter fall together, but it did feel like we were rushing everywhere a little bit.  The kids didn't mind rushing one bit.  They LOVED being with cousins and dying eggs.  Ada was a little artists and painted her eggs.  Janelle and Seth had made a list of fun instructions on the front driveway to go with part of the treasure hunt that my mom had put together.

Seth wasn't sure about the bouncy house... but he does like Ada to carry him around... I think he likes to see where she ends up taking him next.

Evelyn had a whole production going.  She had two different colors and had to have an egg in each at all times.

As part of my Mom's spring planting, she wanted a pot with the grandkids feet/hands on it to put flowers in.  Sam did it after grave threatening, Ada and Evelyn were happy to do it, and Seth didn't mind doing it but sure thought it felt weird to have a paintbrush on your foot.

After all this fun, we got to hang out and listen to Conference.  I loved it!  I swear that nothing stays in my brain though!  I want to say that I remember everything that was said, but what I can remember is that I wanted more of it!  I'm going to be re-listening to all of it, that's for sure!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

We love our neighbors!

Not only are our neighbors really nice and act like our kids' neighborhood grandparents, but they also like to include everyone.  They have held an Easter Egg Hunt for the whole Ward for the last two years because our Ward doesn't hold one.  They hide over 2000 eggs throughout our cul-de-sac and we have a pot luck breakfast.  Fun stuff.