Friday, March 27, 2015

Lego Americana Exhibit

This was pretty neat.  It was at the Fashion Place mall for a few days.  The Capitol building was absolutely huge... The kids loved that people had thrown a bunch of pennies into the Lincoln Memorial.


We had tickets to the Symphony on Saturday. It was a kids welcome one and they were playing Peter and the Wolf and some other Fables.  At first we were only going to take Ada, but we all went and the kids loved it even though the film they showed with the music was fairly depressing and a little gruesome.  Evelyn giggled.  Sam followed along with the different instruments that they have listed in the program. We invited my parents up to eat at Siegfrieds with us after. (We'd never been there before, but my dad served his mission in Germany and they sell things from Germany there too.)

We took a walk around between our two activities. Jer was telling the kids what the base and median spot was and they all wanted to be in the "middle"... so they kept pushing each other out of the way.

We went through the Beehive house.  It was really neat to see the beauty of the building and know how much time and effort went into this home and office building.  The sister missionary asked if anyone knew what a prophet was.  Sam volunteered and said that they were examples of Jesus.  Everyone on the tour kind of giggled and Evelyn started cheering and hugged him as hard as she could saying, "Yay Sam, you did it!"

Game of tag

We went to the FamilySearch Center for a little while too.  The kids LOVED the kids play area and Jer and I did some genealogy while they played.

Siegfried's was fun too.  We discovered that baby likes eclairs and the other kids loved the chocolate.

This and that

Park day because it was super warm...

Sam wanted to play baseball, so I pitched to him and he was hitting all the ones that came in his zone.

Me, Ada and Evelyn got to go with Aunt Nellie to the new Cinderella movie.  Not only was it super cool, but we went to the new Vineyard theater that has luxury seating and all sorts of perks... one of which is Tuesdays are their $5 day for any seat in the house (3D, Luxury, IMAX...) So we saw it on IMAX.  It was a good movie, and my girls danced and descended stairs like a princesses for a day or two after.  Evelyn still says that I'm the prince when she wants me to dance with her.

Evelyn LOVES the Shutterfly books that I make every year.  She tells me all about all the pictures.

We wanted to try our new curlers.  Ada's hair was too short and it just made it wave... Evelyn's was pretty cute until they jumped on the tramp... I didn't put hairspray in.  And mine is still wet 4 hours later so I still haven't taken them out yet.  I'm guessing that I either need to sleep in them or buy a hair dryer if I want to use them more often.

Poor kiddo

This kid isn't feeling so happy... upside is that he let me cuddle him to sleep where he won't let me do that anymore....


We just finished another fencing class.  we had an amazing 13 people in this one.  Not all of them came to the class competition but those that did were great.  The two four year olds fenced longer than they ever had.  Each kid had 6 bouts and Ada won all 6 of hers.  Sam won 2 of his (admittedly, they were mostly against a bunch of 7 year olds), and Evelyn didn't win any but got 2 points in the bouts that she finished... not bad.  Even though Ada had to leave early for the 8 is Great program, she won our first place trophy. And to top off her day, she also earned the Leader of the Week award at school called the Noble Knight Award... as well as getting all O's on her report card. What a day for her.

Sam, Laurel, Evelyn, Tori, Jojo and Tayden

Salt Flats

The other day I had to drive out to Mount Pleasant.  I've really wanted to show my kids the Salt Flats, but it was kind of late... But we were closer than we've been for a long time, so I took the time to take them over. It was really windy and it was really late.  7 pm, overcast, but the kids loved running on the salt and seeing the Morton Salt plant on the freeway as well as what's left of Saltair... I showed them how it looked before the fire and they were amazed.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

smiley baby

These were done with only my ceiling fan light... all the windows have shutters and no flash on the camera... not bad in low light and lots of colors.  It seems that my camera has a hard time with low light and dull colors.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Baby push ups

Baby push ups are my favorite... While baby is scooting and lunging around, he's still practicing being up on hands and knees.  He discovered push ups a couple weeks ago and has been sooooo excited to practice, especially if Dad, brothers and sisters or Grandma Wilcox practice with him.  He honestly sat there practicing this for about 2 hours straight before he was totally exhausted.  I think he's like Jer and Sam.  They have to practice something until they're completely satisfied before they experiment with their new skills.

found this

This was on my SD card... so in love with these kids... They've soooo missed the snow.  This was the last snow of the year probably.

Spring pictures

I'm an advocate for pictures... I love them, but really?  Why do our schools feel obligated to do a spring and fall set of pictures?  Ada really wanted me to buy the fall set of pictures. I really did not. So, I told her that I'd do them myself.  I'm still working with the settings on my camera... so I'll use this post as an example of what my camera can do, and show off my cute model.

In the shade, on auto with the flash for a fill in.

In the shade with some adjustments to the aperture and a color filter.

In the shade, no flash on auto.

Same shot with a warm filter on it.

No flash, in the shade with the effects intensity filter... Ada loves this one.  I wish I'd caught it without the filter though... she's just cute when she smiles.

Partial sun with a fill in with on camera flash.

Backlit, no fill flash.

These were all done with the effects intensity filter... fun, but not my favorite for portraits... maybe for landscapes?

Shade, no flash... aperture adjustments with a warming filter.
Some pretty fun stuff... and I'm slowly getting used to the light and color balance of this new camera.  And can I say... I just love these kids. When I get this camera down... maybe I'll buy a reflector and experiment with that!