Friday, February 27, 2015

Power Rangers

While I think the show is obnoxious, my brother and cousin liked this show. I like that they protect the world from evil. Evelyn likes whatever Sam does... Like she said in Primary, "What do you like?" "I like to play with Sam."
That means that she's heard the song a few times. She told me that it says, "Cocoa Power Rangers." When it really says,  "Go go Power Rangers."

Friday, February 20, 2015

This cat

This cat that doesn't like people likes to meet all three kids as they come home from school... He sits on our porch just as I pull up with Sam and Evelyn, then sits on the sidewalk at just the right time to meet Ada when her carpool brings her home.

Baby Seth

For his 6 month mark, I wanted to take some pictures... he lasted for about 5 minutes before being done.  And now my camera is broken again... will need to do something about that.  Evelyn insisted on being part of the photo shoot. It was really cute.

The flash was too bright, but this face was too cute to not post.

Is this summer?

While it's been nice to have kids play outside and not tracking in snow, I do worry about this summer with how warm it's been this winter.  We are already bike riding and park going... In Feb.

Robertson Valentine's Party

The Robertson Valentine's Party was Sunday.  I love how much our kids enjoy each other.  So fun.  I love especially watching Evelyn and Josh hug each other and ask for each other to how home together.  It looks like we have another pair now though.  Seth and Susan seem to like each other pretty well.

Valentines day and weekend

I'm pretty lucky in my Valentine.  Jer is amazing.  He's also really thoughtful.  He brought flowers for me and the girls.  It was really sweet.  I spent the morning making paper and glue pictures with the kids and their friends.  And Jer took me to the BYU Museum of Art for the Japanese Art Deco style opening.  It was so neat. The entire exhibit reminded me of New York City Architecture and my Grandma Wilcox.  Monday, we got to go to the Scera Theater to see the Pinkalicious Musical. It was fun and the baby was really very good... he sat through the whole thing.


Thursday, February 19, 2015


Sam can't get enough of his brother... He always wants to hold, lay on or talk to Seth.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Sam's primary teacher is Sis Hart. Bro Hart works with Jer in the scouts.  She was telling a story about the scouts leaving all their wrappers on the ground... Sam said, "I can't believe my dad would do that!"

Friday, February 13, 2015

Picture from Charlotte's funeral and more...

Nothing better than an uncle reading The Monster at the end of the Book in a monster voice.

Look mom, we're Olaf!

When my Grandma Ellis died, she said she didn't want a funeral. She wanted a bbque and kids jumping on the trampoline.  We did just that.  So, we enjoy funerals as a time to see and love family.  I'm pretty lucky that way.

This is what I love about my family... we sat down for this picture of some cousins and this.... is what we came out with....

Some cousins, photobombed by cousins and cousins' kids.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


My grandpa's second wife died about two weeks ago. While we don't harbor any particular love for her, we do want to be supportive. Saturday,  we went to the burial and afterwards to the luncheon.  I'll have to post more pictures soon. This one was taken by my mom's cousin, Chris.


Guess which cute baby has two teeth?!

Pictures from my phone and Sharon

This is what happens when sister gets home from dance and doesn't want to do her homework.  She "teaches" Seth something.

So close but yet so far!  It's too bad he can only spin circles and go backwards on the hardwood... If he were on carpet he would have enjoyed this little snack.

Love, love, love 

Sam "ordering" from Ada's diner.