Monday, September 29, 2014

Seth's blessing

Sunday was good.  We had our baby's blessing along with his cousin Susan's baby blessing.  Both blessing were beautiful, urging the babies to learn and defend the gospel of Jesus Christ as well as love your family.  Seth's blessing was given to him by his daddy. Jer did an amazing job.  He urged Seth to be courageous and discerning like his uncle and his ancestor, John Alden.  Unfortunately, John and Diane's family had to go right after sacrament meeting... We missed them and I personally missed having the chance to take a picture of the cute little cousins in their blessing outfits. 
I am so blessed to have family that loves and surrounds us on occasions like these.  I think of a friend of mine that's an only child, whose mom died and doesn't have a close relationship with her dad.  Holidays are hard for her.  I look forward to sharing Holidays with our new baby.  I look forward to him and our other kids getting to know their cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc... as we celebrate life together.  Blessings, showers, farewells, welcome homes, graduations... each one a precious time that we have together.

This baby outfit was bought by my grandma, Elaine Ellis, for my brother, Seth's, baby blessing.  Thanks for letting us use it Sethie!

These girls love their baby.

Ada's Halloween costume

Finally got Ada's Elsa costume done.  Yay!  It's a little big in the top and a little small in the bottom, but she's thrilled with it.

This weekend


This weekend saw not only Jer saving a baby scrub jay from our cat and the kids begging to keep it, and grape picking time with our Robertson grandparents... it also brought with it my sister, Sharon's, family coming and spending the night in preparation for our baby's blessing.  Cousin Emma loved holding baby Seth, and all my kids LOVED playing with cousins all night long.

Thursday, September 25, 2014



We got to eat lunch with Ada today. It was fun even though Evelyn decided that the world was out to get her and she had a mental breakdown. Ada LOVED it and Sam had fun putting his crackers into his applesauce.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Catch up

I'm so busy trying to catch up with everything and get ready for this next weekend that I haven't really blogged about anything in the last week or so.

Things I haven't blogged about:

-Chalk the Block.  The kids had a blast drawing all over the Riverwoods mall sidewalks, and I had a blast visiting with my sister, Janelle, and trying the Waffle Love truck finally... delicious!
-Regional conference was awesome. 
-The Ogden Temple dedication was amazing.  To think, when I was born 33 years ago there were only 35 temples in the world.  Today there are 143 and there are 27 more in process.  It's really neat to also think that I've been able to attend the dedications for the Mt Timpanogos, Nauvoo, Winter Quarters, Ogden, Brigham City, Draper, and the Oquirrh Mountain temples.  How lucky we are to live in a time that allows us the opportunity to not only serve in the temple and bring ourselves and our ancestors closer to Christ, but that we can regularly do so.    I loved hearing Pres. Eyrings testimony about the covenants and blessings of the temple.
-Family night at the Discovery Park playing cops and robbers with the fun family of one of Jer's co-workers.
-My 6 week follow up with my doctor where I completely forgot to ask them a question that I've had in my head for the last 6 weeks... nice.
-Making Ada's Elsa costume for both her birthday and Halloween.
Overall a very busy and fulfilling week.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bad friend moment

I am a complete dork. I was just rushing to get the kids to the carpool on time and sent Sam to the car with his toast, which had peanut butter on it.  Their oldest daughter is severely allergic to peanuts... And I know that! Now they have to clean out their car before she can ride in it again. I offered to clean it for them, but I sure feel like a dork.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

All in the pronunciation

My kids are convinced that the tweezers in the Who Shook Hook game are called Tweezelers.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Date night

Friday night, we got to go to the Mahler's First Symphony directed by Tierry Fischer.  I still absolutely love Tierry Fischer!  It was a great performance and I managed to stay mostly awake despite having a 5 week old baby still sleeping 3 hours at a time.  Turns out that they were recording that performance for a CD to sell next year for the 75th anniversary of Abravanel Hall.  Might have to get that one.

Utah State Fair

Nell's birthday was this last week.  So much fun!  We met up at Julie's Fabric Stash and hung out with her, my mom and Sharon.  We also got to go to Malawi's pizza with them before Sharon went back home to Roy.  Evelyn through a fit while we were there... but we all survived it, even Evelyn.  Saturday, we met up at Utah State Fair.  It was a rough start, we almost forgot the tickets, my mom was sick all night so she and my dad had to stay home.  Finally got settled and played... then Sam disappeared.  Someone finally found him and took him to the lost kids tent. Oh my gosh!  Scariest moments ever!  All I could do was pray. 

Look at all these cute kids!


Nella and her roller coaster buddy

Keeping baby happy

This was the coolest thing.  The kids LOVED this guy.  But they were so funny about it... they kept running just in front of it saying, "Watch out!  It's going to get you! It's going to bite you!"

Love these guys

Friday, September 12, 2014


I've tried really hard to get a good smiling picture of this kid. It's been an exciting venture. But yesterday he smiled at my mom while he was wide awake. So cute! Now to get him to smile at me.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sweet baby

While it's tougher with this little guy, he sure is sweet.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Look who's growing up

This baby wanted to hold his own bottle tonight I guess.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

last week

This last week was the kid's fencing competition.  They did really well, but Sammy had a particularly hard time coping with the fact that he's the smallest and hasn't been able to beat two of the other kids in the class... including the very tall 10 year old that wouldn't usually be in the class in the first place.  Poor kid.  He really is very good for a 5 year old. 
Jer also set up our tent in the back yard to clean out before he put it away for the winter.  The kids had a blast playing in it for a while and we did our reading for school while we were there.  Cute kids.


I thought that Sam was done with food allergies.  I guess not.  He hasn't had any reactions to anything for about 3 years.  His eczema gets worse if he eats lots of treats, but other than that he's been fine.  Today at Costco, he was trying all the samples and either the pomegranate or the mango sample made him break out it hives and choke.  I still keep Benadryll in my bag from all those times that he's had a reaction in the past... it's about 3 years old at this point, but luckily it still works.  He came home, napped and now is using my sympathy as a chance to play video games on a non video game day.  Adventure never stops.

Bit the bullet

We bit the bullet.  I was just going to teach our kids the piano, and so far it's worked out well with Sam and only so-so with Ada.  But our neighbor, who majored in piano performance at BYU and whom Ada loves because she's the Primary chorister in our Ward started teaching piano lessons again last year.  I'm super excited because Ada tends to commit herself more thoroughly to excelling in something if it's taught by someone that she loves.  If I tell her to practice, she does it without enthusiasm.  If her teacher sends her home from a piano lesson with a list of things to practice and check mark... she's immediately on the piano trying to figure it all out for her.

Our kids don't have to be great pianists.  That's not my dream, though I would love to hear them play and enjoy it.  Jer's and my goal is that they can read music well and use it if they want to.  Love it.