Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Evelyn's bugs

Evelyn has been attracting earwigs for some reason... she's had them crawling on her several times in the last week or so.  My favorite was on our way to Ada's dance class... Evelyn started just bawling... not her fake cry but a real panicked cry.  I asked what was wrong and Ada said there was a bug.  Ada couldn't reach it, I couldn't reach it, and Evelyn wouldn't touch it.  When we parked the car, I pulled Evelyn out of her carseat and found an earwig.  I squished it and Evelyn said, "Mommy, you made it DEAD!"  She was soooo glad that she talked about mom making the bug dead for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

playdough mess


I'm getting to the end of this pregnancy and I wanted to write down some current goings on and thoughts before the baby comes.  I'm so excited to meet this guy.  He's active, strong and loves to hear his brothers and sisters talking to him.  He's measuring 4 weeks ahead of schedule, so the doctor did another ultrasound on him.  He was measuring 6 lbs and has lots of hair... I'm kind of hoping that he decides to come insanely early because I'm already feeling uncomfortable and ready to pop.  (Which makes sense.  I'm 34 weeks and measure 38... yeah, I feel ready.)  I've been scheduled to be induced August 19th.  I'm excited, but I wish the doctor would induce me the week before.  Ada starts school the 18th and Sammy starts school the 21st.  Small conflicts there... They are both super excited for school to start, I just hope I can find a good sleep schedule for them and the baby to coincide so that I can help them get up and ready for school in time. 


Yesterday I got to hang out with these awesome people... I wanted to go visit, so they invited us up to go swimming with them in their pool.  Let me say that it couldn't have been on a better day.  It was 105 degrees outside when we left our house... The kids swam like fishes and I enjoyed catching up with Sophie and McKay.  Thanks guys!  A fun break for me.

Bridal Veil Falls with the Robertsons

I like that when Margaret comes because she gets me out of the house.

Robertson 4th of July Family reunion

Because I had the chance to be so close to my mom's family, I very much encourage any chance to build relationships with our family.  This one is Jer's favorite time of the year I think... he LOVES the treats, visiting, and the Pinewood Derby.
Evelyn and cousin Samuel

Being in the pool is awesome when you're big pregnant... I almost feel normal again.  The kids are getting more and more adventurous in the pool.  Ada can now swim without floaties, Sam can swim without any help from parents, and Evelyn has started swimming and jumping about 5-10 feet away from me. 

Love these kids.

Dad got this awesome picture.

Marg and kids... That was fun to chat with Marg, Mary, Becca and Diane

Ada's festive hairdo

Family talent show

Driveway of Fire

Evelyn was so excited for sparklers!

Ada, who's never had a problem with fireworks was terrified of them this year... She very reluctantly did one sparkler, sat 10 feet behind me while watching the fireworks and even left to go inside for a while during all the fireworks.  Luckily she came back out in time to see the grand finale.  She was wowed by that.

Sam loved it so much that he giggled if a firework came too close to  him and asked Dad if he could help throw some flowers.

Sam's car did really well this year... it was in the top few.

Evelyn was in the top three... I think she got 2nd place.  She was so excited to see her car winning.

Jer LOVES to make his cars

Ada was very disappointed with her car, but honestly it wasn't bad.  It won first in the group of the cars that lost the first heat.

When Ada got over her loss, this is what she decided to do instead... Helped Evelyn watch her car. 

The rest of the pictures

This is my amazing Dad... I love his laugh and love his sense of humor.

My cute parents.

This was so cute.... She was hugging my dad, Janelle went to take a picture and she pulled my mom over to take a picture too.

My brother and his son...good buddies

This little girl was so busy... she was washing each of the rocks and putting them back in the river.

My awesome family!  Including our soon to come baby boy.

My favorite people

Building a dam with Daddy