Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cousin Emma's graduation

It happened, and I bet Emma thought it never would!  My wonderful, talented and sweet niece just graduated from High School... so we went to hang out for the weekend.  We were able to take up our nieces Ruth and Kate too.  They were so sweet and fun the entire time.  Looking through my pictures, I couldn't find a single one that I took of Emma though... and I'm sure that Emma prefers it that way for now... so we'll show these little cuties while we're applauding Emma.  She has a job at a flower shop and is going to start doing some of their arranging this summer.  I think she's going to be amazing at it... she is a very creative woman.
Evelyn and Samuel being knights... Evelyn in her en guarde position.

This is cousin Matthew, he was nice enough to share his birthday present with the kids... they made it into a game... they put a target on the side of the fort and Ada kept track of points of her "special paper".

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