Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I was watching a comedy sketch with Ada about how hard it is to get out the door with kids.  I had just been thinking that he'd got it just about right when Ada piped in, "But we're not like that mom!  You tell us to get shoes on and get in the car and we do it."  Honestly, my kids are mostly okay with that... but I do have to tell Ada over and over again to get her shoes on... especially on a Sunday or on her way to school.  It was Sam's turn today.  We were headed out the door to Ada's Kindergarten graduation.  I told Sam and Evelyn to get shoes... Evelyn did, Sam did... and then Sam changed his shoes and complained about all of his shoes and how his foot hurt.  I told him that we had to go and that he needed shoes on... we got in the car, left, and lo and behold... we arrive with no shoes.  How did he interpret "get your  shoes" into "That's okay, you really don't need to wear shoes into a school."  Several of the teachers passing in the hall commented to him that he should be wearing shoes... it's a good thing that I agreed with them in this instance or I might have been a bit bothered that they were commenting on it at all. 

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Diane said...

It's the put your shoes on statement that sends Anya into a meltdown everyday before school.