Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's Day

I've had a good Mother's Day/week.  Since my birthday and Mother's Day are next to each other, I usually just request to merge them.  The kids were really good all day.  They didn't fight and they were happy to wear whatever I suggest that they wear for the Mother's Day program.  Sam and Ada stood up at the front in Sacrament meeting and sang so loud and clear that I could hear them over the rest of the kids.  I thought it was so cute that they would be so bold and smile down at me so happily.  When they finished, Evelyn gave Sam a thumbs up and said, "Good job!"  My Primary class was easy and happy.  We got home and ate Jeremy's French bread French toast.... yum... they soak up extra eggs and make them extra tender.  Jer got the kids to help set the table and get everything ready.  Then we ALL took a nap... but I took the longest one.  I think it was about 3 1/2 hours.  I woke up yawning still.  We then went to say Happy Mother's Day to my mom... (we'd visited Jer's mom on Friday while we did our weekend movie/activity night with them).  We played games, ate steak made by my brother, Seth... and got to see our friend, Emily Marble.  I just had a very pleasant day.

Tues, Jer took me out on a big date for a combined birthday/mother's day present.  We went to Tucanos for dinner (yum, but I definitely ate too much... I tried refusing every couple of meats that went around... I still ended up really full.)  And Jer took me to Solase for a massage.  Heaven!  I never thought that I'd like massages, but honestly when you are pregnant or just had a baby there is nothing better.  I haven't had any leg cramps since Tuesday and my arms that were falling asleep at night aren't doing that anymore... Oh, it's so nice!  The last one that I had was just after Evelyn was born... I can't believe that it's been about 3 years... my baby's not that old is she?!

This Mother's Day, I've been thinking a lot about the very many women who've influenced my life.  My wonderful Mom and her determination, love, and soooo much patience... my Grandma Ellis and her hugs, stories and songs.  My Grandma Wilcox and her desire for education.  My Mother in law Judy and her constant acceptance of me as a friend.  My sisters and their ability to listen and to fix things.  All my awesome sister in laws, whom I've come to love for their different personalities and strengths (I have 9 sister in laws... I really do love them all.)  And I have to list Muriel Thoele... she's been in my thoughts this week.  She is the BYU knitting lady... she used to sit on the sideline at every BYU basketball or football game and just knit and knit and knit.  She was also my Sunday School teacher for 3 or so years in a row.  She was the only teacher for our very rowdy class of mostly teenage boys.  She loved every single one of us, taught us in ways that we each could understand, didn't lose her temper when the class got too awful, and always always always encouraged class participation.  She walked strips of paper to each persons home every week with the reading assignment and any special instructions.  She'd visit with each of us when she'd run into us.  She gave us all jars full of questions to ponder during the year for Christmas, and she even hosted a couple of 'English dinners' for us in her home (She's from Wales).  When her Great-niece came to stay with her during the summer, she called me and asked me to come by... we hit it off and spent the summer hanging out and were pen pals for years... Janelle and I got to stay with her family when we visited Wales.  Muriel was never married, but she cared for each of her rowdy bunch as much as if we were her own.  I know a couple of kids that were rough that have turned out better even when their siblings have not... I'm sure that it's because of her diligent care.  Last I heard, she's not doing very well... she's in her 90's and I'm sure that she's sick of life... but I'm glad that she's been my friend.  She makes me better for knowing her.

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Jenny said...

I bet Muriel was glad to have know you! She sure sounds special.