Monday, May 26, 2014

Funny kids

For my birthday yesterday, Daddy told the kids that if they wanted anything done for them they would have to ask him instead of me. Evelyn was asking me if she could be done with dinner. I said to ask Dad because he was in charge... Evelyn said, "No! I'm in charge!"
Thursday, Sam did his kindergarten placement test for school. He was supposed to id colors, count to 10, id letters, etc... Because of his interest in Ada's school work this year he was able to count to 100, read the color names as well as id the colors, and read simple words.  The teacher jokingly told him,"Sam! Stop being so smart!" He said,"But I just thought of it!"
On another note, my birthday was awesome... We've enjoyed having all our kids in swimming lessons, though they are a little impatient to wait their turns. Ada caught the bouquet at my cousin, Garrett's wedding on Saturday, and Sam has loved playing T-Ball where Ada has decided that it's not as fun as it looked.  Probably because you play it out in the hot sun. 

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