Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cute Sammy

I love all my kid's personalities.  One of the traits I love about Sam is that he is pretty well organized for a 4 year old.  Sometimes too well organized.  He wants everything defined well ahead of time.  If you say later he asks, "How much is later?" 

Right now, his favorite song to listen to in the car is God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen.  I can't get the CDs out of our CD player, so Christmas is still mixed in with the 3 kids CDs and a couple others that have been there for months.  As soon as we get in the car, he asks for number 6-6... CD 6, song 6.  If Ada interrupts his listening he says, "Quiet, this song is important.  It's about Jesus."  I never told him that it was important.  He just asked what the song was about.  Since the one we have in there is instrumental only, I went ahead and sang the words to him.  He asked if it was about Jesus, I said yes. He asks for it repeated over and over again.  I've reached the limit of two times in one car ride, but I love that he loves the song and that he thinks about Christ.


Jenny said...

I hate the repetition too sometime. I have a three limit. Three times for a song, three times for a book, three times for them to make annoying sounds. And I love that rule!

But he is a super cute little boy. So who is he like? You or Jer?

rozanny said...

Jenny, he's sooo much like my brother, Seth. He's a little like Jer too though. My favorite was when he went through his cute frustration phase. Jer always say, "Oh Jeremy!" when he can't believe what he just did... Sam started using it instead of saying Dang it or something like that... It was so funny!