Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Provo Temple

We got to go see the angel Moroni get placed on top of the new Provo Temple (Tabernacle).  I thought it was so cool!  It was colder when we got there than when we left and all the kids were wishing we'd taken jackets, but it was pretty cool.  Ironically, it was put up on April Fools day.

These were an April fools joke by my Aunt Margo and company done for my cousin Garrett's fiancée's bridal shower.  Everyone thought they were deviled eggs, but they are chocolate.  Ada had to bring some home to show the other kids... and Sam, who doesn't like eggs unless they're cooked into things, wouldn't even taste it.  He held it for the picture, put it down and left.  Ada and Sam got really into April Fools though.  They decided to hide Daddy's shoes and even spent time wrestling him after work so that they could steal the pair that he was wearing.  Sam, when they were trying to think of pranks said, "I know!  We will all hold something behind our backs and when Dad gets home we'll tell him that nothing is there!"  Awesome.

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