Monday, April 21, 2014

Taking part

Saturday, a little boy in our neighborhood made me think a lot about being a parent.  He's a 10 year old, has been to my house several times and his family is not currently active in the church that we both belong to.  And he made me think a lot.

The first time I met him, he had come over to play with my kids along with another neighbor.  He'd been here playing for a couple of hours before telling me that he couldn't be in my house because I didn't know his parents.  He asked for my phone to call his parents but didn't know his own phone number... then he shrugged and kept playing with the kids all while telling me every few minutes that he shouldn't be here.  After several visits to our house, I talked to my neighbor and found out where he lived and Jer went by and introduced himself as the neighbor where their son has been disappearing to. 

Saturday, he came to me and complained that "no one" had told him about the Ward Easter Egg hunt... he kept saying it over and over again.  Everyone had received a note on their doorstep... so I know someone in his family knew about it.  They announced it several times in church... he hasn't come to church in a long time.  And his friend from our street actually did go pick him up the morning of... so someone did get him and he found out about it.

It makes me want to be a BIG part of my kids lives.  I want to know where my kids are playing.  I want to know that they can and will call me if they are at someone's house.  I want them to be able to take responsibility for their own actions instead of blaming them on everyone else.  Other people can only do so much for the well being and desires of my children.  He's a good kid, but where will he end up in 5 years if his parents don't show that they care where he's been the last 4 hours.  And what will he be saying to his teachers 8 years from now... "No one told me that I had to pass my classes to graduate high school... no one told me that I had to be in class to know what was going on.  And my friends didn't come get me to drag me along either.  No one told me." 

I want to be the parent that cares enough about their kids to bug them every step of the way... to drag them to church even if it's "boring" or even if "Evan can wear jeans to church so why can't I?" I can't force them to believe what I believe or call me when they go out... but I can put them in a place where they CAN learn if they believe what I believe and teach them my phone number so that they CAN call me when they go out.

Easter basket surprise


They did turn out semi cute, except me in this last one... I was trying to press the timer on the camera and lower myself gracefully into the back while almost 6 months pregnant... Yeah, wasn't so graceful.  On a secondary note... I'm really glad that I went to the effort to lose the 40 lbs last year before doing fertility treatments... I gained 20 lbs because of fertility treatments and 20 lbs because of the progesterone to stay pregnant after it finally happened.  I'm really glad that I lost the 40 before so that I don't have to go through this pregnancy 80 lbs heavier than the other pregnancies.  That would have stunk.  And I'd just like to say... I'm excited for this baby... 40 lbs or not.


The three of them were less cooperative for a picture all together, but this is my favorite one...


This sweet 6 year old is an amazing sister and loves to cuddle with me.  She likes to pose for pictures... while that makes it easy to take pictures of her, I miss her really cute smiley face when she truly smiles.  We did get some close though.


Sammy is so photogenic... all he needs to do is smile and you can get as many sweet pictures of him as possible.


Every Easter we try to take pictures of the family... I'm not comfortable doing pictures of myself right now, but I have a couple anyways.  But here's our sweet little Evelyn that actually cooperated this time.  Cute girl.

Wilcox Family Easter party and birthday bash

After a morning of moving furniture, we had an Easter lesson, Easter egg hunt, bbq, and birthday ice cream for Seth, Brad and Sophie.  Fun stuff.

Wilcox Grandkids
Jordan, Ada, Seth, Evelyn, Lance, Devin, Aubrey, Emma

Amazing Grandma... she was diagnosed with pneumonia right before we went up there... dang it.