Friday, March 28, 2014

During our mornings

I love my mornings.  I get a little bit of time with each of my babies.

Get Ada up and ready for school.  Sometimes rushed and stressed, but she always comes back to me for a hug and a kiss before walking out the door.

Sam spends time every morning with a routine.  It lets him know what to expect every day and what he gets out of it.  He's been making some awesome progress in many areas because of it... Before any electronic anything he has to -get dressed -eat breakfast -brush teeth -comb hair -practice the piano or do a reading lesson with mom (did you know that he watches Ada reading and just picks up words while he watches her?) -a chore -exercise (he loves running the stairs and trying to use my elliptical).  He wakes up as early as he hears anyone awake in the house (ie Jer getting ready for work) and rushes through as many of his list as he can so that he can use Netflix during my shower.  Who knew a 4 year old could accomplish so much in about 1 1/2 hours?

Evelyn loves mom.  She just does.  While Sam watches Netflix, I cuddle Evelyn and get her breakfast.  She loves to have me read to her and actually demands that I read to her if someone is over visiting... YOU WILL PAY ATTENTION MOM!  She calls Pips "My Pips" and mostly plays with her as long as she doesn't get jealous.  She's started asking me where my baby is and patting my belly.

I was nervous about this baby.  We did so many things to even get pregnant, then I was really sick with pneumonia for the first trimester that it was really easy to ignore the pregnancy.  I almost didn't want to believe that there was a baby on the way.  But now I do.  And I'm excited.

To my babies, I love you all.

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Meghan Elaine said...

you'll love these sweet writings you took time to record. your babies are blessed.