Thursday, January 16, 2014

This week

We haven't had any specifically good blogging events.  But I feel like I need to keep up or else I won't be able to write later. 

Getting back into a schedule after the holidays was both good and a little hard.  We did it and everything is flowing like before except my cleaning schedule.  We celebrated Grace's birthday, visited the Conference Center, visited John and Diane's family, gone to my second cousin's funeral, been moved up from Sunbeams to CTR 4. Ada got her second report card today, got straight A's!  Awesome.  Stopped babysitting two of the girls I have been watching for a few months.  Lots of doings. 

Evelyn walked up to me with two toy swords today.  She handed me one and got into en guard position while yelling, "En Guard!"  Can I just say that she's too cute?

Now I just need to get my house clean and I'll be good.

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