Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sweet moment

So, I had my first chance to really show our kids an ultrasound of the new baby.  I thought Ada was the only one that would pay any attention really.  Every single one of them watched the screen intently and loved when the Doctor turned on the heartbeat sound.  Ada excitedly told everyone that the baby was still little enough that it has a tail (I watched a "how your baby is developing" movie with her... she was fascinated.)  Sam said that the heartbeat sounded "like this", then he made a kind of machine sound.  Evelyn showed everyone how the heartbeat lines on the monitor went up and down, and from the right side of the screen to the left.  It was also the first real time that Evelyn admitted to there being a baby in my tummy.  I loved having them there to share this with them... so cute!

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Jenny said...

Oh, that would be precious! Ash and Emma would never sit still enough to take them for me. I bet Ada was just charming!