Friday, January 31, 2014

It's official

They like karate. We're just doing a community ed class so it's $40 for an 8 class series but they're both enjoying it.
Earlier I'd asked what they wanted to do/learn this year.  Ada said karate... Sammy bike riding.  Ada started the class and Sam decided to join her. Evelyn wanted to too, but it's only 4 to 7. It was really cute listening to her ask me to go out on the mat with her brother and sister.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sweet moment

So, I had my first chance to really show our kids an ultrasound of the new baby.  I thought Ada was the only one that would pay any attention really.  Every single one of them watched the screen intently and loved when the Doctor turned on the heartbeat sound.  Ada excitedly told everyone that the baby was still little enough that it has a tail (I watched a "how your baby is developing" movie with her... she was fascinated.)  Sam said that the heartbeat sounded "like this", then he made a kind of machine sound.  Evelyn showed everyone how the heartbeat lines on the monitor went up and down, and from the right side of the screen to the left.  It was also the first real time that Evelyn admitted to there being a baby in my tummy.  I loved having them there to share this with them... so cute!

It makes up for it

After a very crazy day yesterday (ie: Pips removing hair from all my girls baby dolls, and hats from Sammy's Woody doll... Ada tipping over the shopping cart with Pips and Evelyn in it.... Ada and Sam's constant fighting, etc.), lots of good things have happened.  My hubby took me on a date to CafĂ© Rio and to see Ender's Game at the theater.  My parents asked if our kids would like to sleep over at their house (they loved it).  We got to eat Mexican food with my cousin, Melissa, and her sister, Mindy, to celebrate Melissa's mission call to Mexico.  We got to visit with John and Diane's family, which is always fun.  It all balances out in my favor in the end.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

This week

We haven't had any specifically good blogging events.  But I feel like I need to keep up or else I won't be able to write later. 

Getting back into a schedule after the holidays was both good and a little hard.  We did it and everything is flowing like before except my cleaning schedule.  We celebrated Grace's birthday, visited the Conference Center, visited John and Diane's family, gone to my second cousin's funeral, been moved up from Sunbeams to CTR 4. Ada got her second report card today, got straight A's!  Awesome.  Stopped babysitting two of the girls I have been watching for a few months.  Lots of doings. 

Evelyn walked up to me with two toy swords today.  She handed me one and got into en guard position while yelling, "En Guard!"  Can I just say that she's too cute?

Now I just need to get my house clean and I'll be good.

Monday, January 6, 2014

All the tension

All the tension and stress over the last two months especially are finally over!  We've done three rounds of fertility treatments, one round of antibiotics, paid somewhere around $5000 and waited for two years for an answer.  The answer we got was, you might be pregnant.  They weren't sure if it was a chemical pregnancy because my levels were so low.  But we just had an ultrasound this morning.  It's a real baby!  One baby, not four (I had four eggs release).  And I'm a little in shock.

We told the kids over lunch with my mom.  We said, "Guess what guys?"  Ada said, "I'm going to be a big sister."  Sammy said, "Can we play a game." and Evelyn said, "No, I'm the baby."  Sam said that he wants a baby sister or brother and the way that you can tell is if it's 'handsome' like him, it's a boy... if it has pretty hair, it's a girl.  Cutie. Both Ada and Sam came and gave my tummy a hug and asked if they could hear the baby.  Not yet kiddos... soon!  Love you all!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years 2014

We stayed to play games with Jay, Emily, John, Diane, Margaret, and families.  Thanks guys!


Evelyn found her roller coaster buddy...

Good cuddler Grandma when Ada got hurt.

Good Daddy.

Devin was so cute!  He helped Evelyn go sledding a couple of times... even dragging her back up the hill at his physical expense.

Christmas day

Ada got skates and a leash for her pony!  Loved it!  

Evelyn's Izzy.

Evelyn's pony.

Sammy's main present this year... games.  This one is a Mario Yahtzee game.  I think he likes Forbidden Desert best though.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we spent at my parents house.  It was fun to have a big family dinner, play out the Nativity (Evelyn refused to take part... it was kind of funny), and played my mom's famous Christmas game.  I loved being around everyone.  What better preset for Christmas that happy family around you.

My mom, dad, and Seth prepared the story of the candy bomber and threw candy cane parachutes.

Jingle bells sing-a-long

Saying thanks to Grandma for the jammies she made him.

Playing Twister.  Ada was in love...

Week up til Christmas

The week coming up til Christmas is always very busy and fun.  Jer's Grandma fell and broke her hip.  Jim had to fly down to Arizona for a while so Jer helped kids with books and trains.  I helped out with a craft that some of the girls enjoyed doing.  

Sledding with cousins

Robertsons and Tarkingtons