Wednesday, December 31, 2014


We've been visiting with our Tarkington and James Robertson cousins... I think they've had a blast.

Story time

Story time is especially important for us during Christmas.

Getting ready for Christmas

Visit to Temple Square

Christmas shopping time

Food court

On Dec 6th, we went up to cousin Emma's birthday party... The kids had a blast and loved playing all the games and golfing.  These guys know how to get as much out of each token possible... I think they rode this one a lot and always had at least 6 people on it.

Then, because it was also Mom's birthday, we went to look at lights on Temple Square.  It was so nice and warm for December!  The last few years the kids have had to be wrapped up in as much gear as possible... this year, just coats and jammies.

Mom had the perfect pouch for a sleeping baby that didn't want to sit in his car seat.

They tried to get a picture of our whole family... in the first half of the picture set, Evelyn refused to be part of it, the middle ones were like this (with Jer all covered up) and the last few with Sam turned around and covering Evelyn... fun times.

Ada was such a pro at her piano recital.  It was so cute!  She got up there, said her name and song nice and loud, sat down and just played... no shyness.  The only thing to work on for performances is to sit quietly during everyone else's performance now!

Grandma Robertson got this Gingerbread house from her neighbor... We "did it for her".  The kids had a blast and I had to keep telling them not to eat everything before we were done decorating it.

As part of our holiday rituals, we always get out to look at Christmas lights.  It was kind of sad.  There were so many houses that weren't decorated at all.  We had to go to the richer areas to get lights.  Sam complained the whole time and just wanted to be home.  We drove until they fell asleep and Jer and I just chatted as we went. 

Tired much?

I was cuddling two boys in bed this morning, got up to use the bathroom and this is what I came back to.

Friday, December 26, 2014


Eli: "I'm so much older than Ada!"
Marg: "How much older?"
Eli: "5 days!"

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Love this


Someone was too tired to get dressed after her nap.


Ada, my first grader, was just put into third grade reading at school. I'm pretty proud of her... And because she taught Sam to read last year, he's in first grade reading now... Now if I could persuade Evelyn to let them teach her.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas time

Ada's first piano recital. She was super excited and did so well!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

I love three year Olds

Yesterday at the eye doctor, Evelyn asked me what he was doing and what all the machines were for... Then she very seriously said in the deepest voice she could muster, "Mommy, he's going to say you need glasses... Then he's going to say you need to wear them..." she kept going, but I was laughing too hard to remember what exactly sure said.

Getting older

So, I've been getting headaches and felt like everything around me was blurry. I went to my first eye appointment in 12 years. Turns out I have a stigmatism in one eye and far sighted in the other. So I'm not seeing well close or far. Great.


While playing bingo with Sam and Evelyn, I got a Bingo and Evelyn happily switches her board for mine saying very nicely that I could have hers.

Power Rangers

Anyone else feel like watching Power Rangers is is like watching a Bad movie with built in MST3k soundtrack?

Best husband ever

Jer knew I wasn't looking forward to scrubbing the kitchen floor since the chocolate party on Sunday.  So he had me read to him while he scrubbed it.


Unfortunately, my 7 year old bedwetter has a UTI... That equals more laundry and more baths. Luckily, my 3 year old likes helping with the laundry. She throws the clothes in the bin of the person they belong to and says, "Score!"


Evelyn keeps wearing her coat upside down with the hat at the bottom. I asked and she said,  "My bum is cold."

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


My Chocolatiers.... Jer LOVES chocolate, and he's gotten very good at it.  So for his birthday and as a neighborhood Christmas present, we host a Chocolate party every year.  We dipped a bunch, visited a bunch, and ate a bunch.  Jer's dad tried making a coconut center this time, it was soooo yummy.  Though honestly, the orange center was my favorite.  We had lots of visitors, and I loved every minute even if I didn't really have a chance to take pictures of anyone.  Happy Birthday/Christmas everyone!  Thanks for coming!

Messiah Sing In

Saturday was our last day before the chocolate party, so I cleaned and organized my head off... Jer chunked chocolate and washed pots and bowls... and we finished getting all the Christmas stuff up.  Afterwards, we went on a date with my Mom and Dad to the Utah Symphony Messiah Sing-in.  We didn't realize that it was also the same day as Black Friday weekend traffic, a Jazz game, the lighting of Temple Square, etc... so traffic in Salt Lake City was terrible and we had to park several blocks south of where we usually park... and the parking meter ate Jer's money, so we paid $20 for parking... But, Jer and my Dad let me and my Mom out early and we made our way to Abravanel Hall.  We were only a couple minutes late, but we had to wait for one of the chorus's before they'd let us in.  We got in and I was so giddy-excited.  Someone was sitting in our seats, so we took some seats all together right behind that that no one had claimed.  It was sooooo amazing to hear a REAL orchestra and chorus instead of a local one.  They're good, but this was amazing!  I loved singing with the audience, some of the ones that we sang I'd never sung before.  I was a little bummed that we didn't get to sing the Lift Up Your Heads one, but everything was exquisite!  I lost my notes a few times per song, but it was so fun!  The conductor and Bass kind of laughed at the audience a few times just because we weren't what they were used to. The Soprano and Alto soloists were particularly good this time too. 

I am so grateful that we got to do this!  And talking to my Mom, we both had a similar experience listening to this one.  Listening to the scriptural verses about the resurrection of Christ and our eventual resurrection, I knew it was true.  The Spirit burned the entire time.  I have a friend that has several questions about the church and the gospel.  She said, "I want you to explain it to me in facts, not in emotions."  Here's my fact.  I cannot describe my testimony of the gospel without emotions.  Like in the last General Conference said.... spiritual questions require spiritual answers.  And when  you seek out opportunities to feel the Spirit, your testimony can grow.  My testimony of Jesus Christ and the resurrection was reaffirmed as we sang.  


The day after Thanksgiving, we set up Christmas.  We went down with my brother Seth to choose a Christmas tree.  Where it was freezing last year on this day... this year, no one needed coats (though Sam insisted on wearing his out of principle), kids were all in shorts, and we took our time.  I'll post pictures from my phone in a minute.  We had fun though.  The kids were very motivated to help, and Evelyn found that if she scooted the piano bench next to the tree, she could hang ornaments up high. 

Ada's been practicing lots for her upcoming Piano Recital.  She's gotten where she's familiar with the song and doesn't have to look at her fingers anymore to find her place.  I'm excited for her.  Sam wants to start piano lessons too, but I'm not sure I'm ready for that.  Maybe next year. 

After all this, we had an epic game of Arkham Horror.  Janelle, Seth, me, Jer, James and even my parents came to chat while we played.  It was fun, and I have a million pictures of the board game courtesy of my 3 year old playing with my phone.

Catch up - Thanksgiving

We've had such a fun and busy week that I realized I haven't written any of it down.

Last Wed was our cooking and cleaning day.  The kids were troopers and helped clean the house with very little complaining... not a common occurrence.  Jer made 8 pies, and we went out to Tucanos with my family.  The Riverwoods mall had their Santa out and he's my particular favorite anyways, so we stopped for a visit.  (I'll post pictures off my phone later).  Evelyn refused to talk to him unless he could give her a candycane, but Ada and Sam both talked to him and luckily they asked for the one store bought present that we'd already bought them.  Ada wanted a scooter, and Sam wanted a stuffed animal from Pok√©mon. I'm making Sam a stuffed minion from Despicable me... and Evelyn a Rainbow Dash hat, and Ada a pencil case holder for all of her drawing stuff.  I think I'm going to make a caterpillar puppet for Seth.  We'll see what happens. 

Thursday was Thanksgiving.  The kids were soooooo excited that we were going to spend it with John and Diane's family.  The food was good, the friends were fun, and we had fun chatting, watching Studio C and watching the Edge of Tomorrow.  The kids were especially excited about the ice cream sundaes that Diane made for them.

Diane uses special Christmas dishes for her kids.  We could have borrowed some from Jer's parents so that our kids could match, but Ada wanted to make her own.  So she colored Christmas tree patterns for all the kids on paper plates.  Too cute.

Rachel was having a drumstick... so Ada wanted the other one.  I told her that I didn't think she'd eat it... so she proved me wrong... she ate the entire thing plus tons of ice cream... and her stomach hurt for the next three days.


No Ada, chips are not a breakfast food and lunch cannot be just chocolate.... sorry.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Growing families

We are officially a two loads of dishes and two loads of laundry a day family... Next upgrade?  A bigger crock pot. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Potty Training

I don't want to jinx it, but I have to remember this!  Evelyn has given up diapers all on her own (again), but this time she's been in underwear for about 3 weeks.  She had an accident or two each day for the first 2 weeks... but I did something I didn't do for Sam or Ada... I went and got those surprise grab bags with My Little Ponies in them for $2.50-$3 each... I got 8 of them and taped them all to the wall in the bathroom.  I told her that every day she went without pooping in her pants, she'd get to open one.  It's been 5 days and not a single accident.  I don't even have to set them timer for her anymore... just say that it's time to go potty and most of the time she hops up and just goes.  I hope it keeps up after the ponies run out... but I do love that she likes to go to the bathroom herself.  The next challenge is getting her to ask me to wipe her up when she poops instead of me just having to check all the time.  All in all, I'm impressed. 

I do bribe my kids... Ada learned to use the potty with the promise of a $3 bike we'd bought at DI... Sam wanted a Thomas the Train toy for $7... Evelyn has been about $25, but she's also taken almost two years to train... maybe I'm the most desperate with her.

My neighbor, Deb, came to the door while Evelyn was running around in her shirt and panties... Deb knew we were potty training and commented on her undies... Evelyn very proudly bent over to show her the back of her amazing panties and kept pointing out that they had ponies on them. 

The Symphony

Jer's two passions are classical music and chocolate... luckily I like them both as well.  Two years ago, we had lots of tickets to the Utah Symphony.  We enjoyed it so much that we did it again this year for Jer's father's day present.  Jer's dad also realllllllly enjoys the Symphony.  So we go double dates and it's always fun... despite things like traffic.  This year we've gone to Mahler's 7th Symphony and Dvorak's 2nd Symphony.  I LOVE Thierry Fisher.  He just signed another 10 year contract for the Symphony... looks like we'll be going a lot in the next 10 years.  It honestly wouldn't be able to happen this year without my family though! Last time we could get a sitter for the 5-6 hours that it takes to pick up Jer from work and make our way up there and back... With baby Seth it's harder.  He's not a happy baby, and while he's happier with my family than he is with sitters, he's still not always chippowah.  The last two times that we've tried to leave him with a teenage sitter (both of whom we've used and loved before), he's frustrated them to no end and even scared our favorite one off of any immediate sitting opportunities.  But between my mom, Seth, Janelle and Dad they're able to love him and cuddle him into all sorts of good things. 

This last time, Evelyn had been telling me about how my sister, Janelle had painted her fingernails and that she had to be careful because they would "melt off" if we got into the car without her coat over her hands.  Funny girl.  The time before last, Sammy and Ada excitedly told me all about getting to finish the Indiana Jones movie that we'd started but never finished.  They were in heaven.  Sammy has become a fan.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Ada was watching me put on some deodorant.  She asked what it was.  I told her that it was so I didn't get stinky... She just thought for a moment and said, "Like daddy!"  Yep... daddies tend to be stinky.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thank you Hobby Lobby

I really like that they had $4 shirts that I could put my appliques onto... Super easy 5 min project.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Evelyn is stubborn. She just is. I've learned some ways of working with her that not all people understand yet...But sometimes she just has to let me know that she is not going to do it anyways.  She quickly learned to say, "No thanks!" instead of throwing a fit... But her latest version of it is, "I'm exhausted." No doubt from watching the Fate game on the computer.

Monday, November 17, 2014


What are you talking about?  I wasn't sleeping.

Little monkey

With grandma, it's all about monkeying around

Thursday, November 13, 2014


I'm not usually against cold weather, it's usually just something to live through, deal with and sometimes enjoy... but in the last two days I'm finding that I hate it this time around.  Maybe it's that I'm afraid that my toddler will pee her pants and come home freezing... maybe it's that I finally have my 3 month old not congested and I'm just waiting for him to get another cold... maybe it's that I hate to wear shoes and I'm starting to consider it as I walk in the 27 degree weather... or maybe it's the extra mess.  All the coats thrown wherever until I get mad at the owner to put them away... the 12 pairs of gloves on the floor because my 7 year old didn't find her purple ones... the hats and scarves falling out of the open closet... the 3 year old insisting that a rain coat is warm enough to go outside in and then learning that it's not enough... so she switches without putting the other coat away.  Sheesh, I'd like to actually be able to open my front door.

This week

I feel like not much has happen, but we've been very busy.  We did a sale in my front yard to try to help my mom and Sharon sell the rest of the inventory from the store... it went really well, and it was fun to have everyone over.  It turned out to be a very nice and sunny day.  Jer had his LAN party at our neighbor's house... Rachel and Anya came to play, and the kids had a Primary Program practice as well as the actual program the next day.  It was really cute.  It was about Temples and Eternal families.  Sam was very comfortable up there and sitting next to his teacher... He treated her like he treats me... so I think he likes her.  Ada was a great singing, and also a great nose picker... There's always  one of those.  It just happened to be mine this time.  Evelyn has been in panties for about a week and is really doing well.  Still struggles with pooping, but honestly she'd do better if I'd remember to take her more often.  She has about 2 accidents a day... mostly around lunch time when I'm trying to pick up Sam from school, feed the baby, make lunch, and help Sam with homework.  I'm so glad that she was willing to do it this time.  I was gearing up for a major battle of the wills.  We've only had one or two of those this week instead of every time like last time I tried her in undies.  She's even worn panties to bed the last two days without accidents.  Ada is out of pull ups too... and does have an accident once a week or so, but as long as Jer and I take her potty in the middle of the night she is doing a lot better... just a couple months ago, she'd have 4 or so accidents a week.  Progress.  Last night, my sister Janelle came to visit.  It's always fun to have her... and the kids all clamor for her attention.  We ended up playing Star Wars Monopoly... which Evelyn won without buying any properties... We had to end the game an hour into it to go to bed.  I'm sure Jer would have won though.


Between Ada unable to find school pants, Sam unable to find a school shirt, Evelyn not wanting to wake up and go potty, Evelyn not wanting breakfast, Ada making a mess with her breakfast, my bloody nose, Sam dumping his antibiotics on the floor instead of drinking it (he was wearing gloves and didn't hold on very well), feeding and changing the baby... we were lucky to make it to the school only a half hour late and without hair done.  Whoops.  Not the best morning... the kids were excited to take hats and gloves to school today though.