Monday, December 23, 2013

Family Newsletter 2013

Shepherds dinner

For the past few years, John and Diane's family has put on a Shepherd's dinner.  They eat only what the shepherds could have eaten at the time of the birth of Christ.  They have a devotional where they sing some Christmas songs, tell the story of the shepherds, then they just chat as they eat on the floor by candlelight.  I had so much fun and felt the Spirit as we talked.  Afterwards, we played games and just chatted until kids were too tired.  Thanks for a fun night guys!

Sacred Gifts exhibit at BYU

On Saturday, we got to go to the Sacred Gifts exhibit at BYU with Matt and Marg's family.  It featured the works of  Carl Bloch, Heinrich Hofmann, and Frans Schwartz. While I've seen many of these paintings in the past, I really enjoy seeing them in person and reading the background on each piece.  I was surprised though.  I was not familiar with Frans Schwartz at all.  I very much all of his work that they had displayed.  I loved watching Jer crouch by the kids and explain the stories of Jesus that were depicted in each painting.  8 of the Carl Bloch paintings are usually hung in a long gallery in a European Castle.  This was the first and only time for them to be lent out to a gallery.  They said that it was because the owner knew of the paintings significance to the people of Utah.  I was very flattered and honored that we got to see them in person.

Afterwards, we wandered BYU bookstore.  I even got to catch up with my cousin Eliot, who was there looking for stocking stuffers for Christmas.

Ada's favorite winter activity

This is one of Ada's favorite things every year.... as soon as it snows, she's asking when we can go sledding. This year we got to sled with friends and family together.  Marg's family, Becca's family, Lorrin's family, and Julie's family.  We played, got cold, drank cocoa, and some took naps.

Sam has really gotten into snow this year... in past years, he's been grumpy and doesn't last long... this time, he loved it and tried to see how fast he could go.

My babies

First half of Christmas

For Christmas this year, Sam and Ada both asked for a Build-a-Bear.  That's more an experience than something that you can wrap up and give... so we took our kids this week for the experience as their present from Mom and Dad.  Santa will bring his on Christmas like normal.  Ada and Evelyn both chose My Little Ponies and Sam made a Jedi dog named "Twoiee".  I think they liked it.... they all smiled the whole time.

Making a wish before putting the heart in his dog.

Kissing the heart.

Washing them before picking out an outfit.

Finished products ready for bed. (After which, they went to bed at their grandparents and we went to the second Hobbit movie with my Dad, brother and sister.  Thanks guys!)

My man is 35....

I love my man.  I love all the things we've done together in the last 9 years.... every one.  I love the kids that we created together. Jer is my perfect fit and I'm looking forward to an eternity with him, if he can be patient with me that long.

December birthday party

On my side of the family, there are 4 birthdays in the first two weeks of December... so we did a combined birthday party.  We met in Salt Lake for dinner, Temple Square Lights, and City Creek mall.  Each of our kids took turns having break downs, but we had a fun time over all.  I loved seeing my family and all these people that I love.


Thanksgiving Point has reindeer in front by the entrance... while we were passing, we stopped in to say hi to them.  Ada in particular wanted to see every angle and talked to them the entire time.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Santa at Costco

While shopping at Costco, my kids spotted Santa... A nice old man with a real beard and wearing a Santa hat. My kids shly waved at him and started chatting. I told them to tell him, "Merry Christmas!" He said, "No! You need to say Ho,Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas!" So all three were saying, "Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas!" As loud as lusty as they could with Santa at the store. I told him that it was fun to see him. He said, "Santa's got to eat!"

Jake and the Neverland Pirates

I asked Evelyn what pirates say, she said,"Ho,ho,ho."

Monday, December 9, 2013

Mama's birthday

The most wonderful woman in my life had a birthday this last week.  We had so much fun!

We decided to do a talent show with everyone for mom.  Ada and Sam both played piano duets with me.  I loved it.

Seth and Jeremy did the "Who's on First" sketch by Abbott and Costello.  I giggled the whole time and Ada said, "You guys are funny."

My lovely mama.

Grandpa and Aubrey.  Ada got to have a sleep over with Aubrey after the party and she LOVED it.  My parents took them both to their church Christmas party and Aubrey and Ada went around telling everyone that they were twins.

Nella and I played a duet that we used to play when we were little kids.  Sharon then sang for my mom. Beautiful as always.

Love our Grandma.

Chocolate Christamas/Jer's birthday party

For the last few years, this has been our birthday party/neighbor gifts party.  It's always so fun!  I love seeing everyone that comes and sharing Jer's passion and talents with them.  And what a better birthday party than giving everyone chocolate.

Evelyn spent almost 4 hours popping in and out of my Grandma Wilcox's basket saying, "Meow!" My sister, Janelle or I would carry her around and give her to people as a 'present'.  She LOVED it!

The Maestro!

Niece and neighbors...

Let it snow

Ada and London decided to go jumping on the trampoline right after it snowed.... cute.