Thursday, November 28, 2013

That's what I said

Jer told the kids to go change their clothes.... Evelyn comes downstairs holding her blanket over her head and saying, "Look!  I a ghost! Oooooooo!"  I guess to her two year old ears clothes=ghost.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


So, I went to the dentist for a partial crown and came out with two complete crowns in the making.  Exciting.  My mom was such a good sport.  She watched my kids at my house the entire 4 hours.  She's amazing!

I got back and Evelyn ran up to me saying, "Yay Mommy you came back!"  Then she was trying to tell me that my mom had made them dinner and she said, "Grandma, in my mouth, see!?"  "I ate it all gone!"

Potty training again

Since my Grandma died, we put a pause on potty training with Evelyn.  Tonight, before bed, she walked in and saw me using the potty.  She said, "Yay!  Mommy, potty in the potty!"  Then she got a sticker off the wall and put it on her potty chart.  Cute.

Talk about timing

Ada was not late today, a first... usually she takes her time getting dressed and eating breakfast.  This morning she was running on time... with five minutes left until her carpool got there, she spilled an entire glass of hot cocoa down her... she was covered from shoulder to toe and got some in her hair as well.  Wow. That was the fastest we've ever gotten her ready for school ever.

Monday, November 25, 2013


Ironic that "Breathe" comes on the radio at the dentists when they put the laughing gas on.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Laser tagging

For our writing group, sometimes we go and do activities for research or for fun.  We've gone fencing, to the Renaissance Faire, etc.... This last activity day, we went to do some laser tagging.  I haven't gone since I was a teenager.  We took Sam and Ada with Jer, Seth and I.  They were so excited!  Sam got really into it, ducking around corners and scouting ahead.  Ada would get excited and find people all over to shoot.  She got especially excited when she got them.  My favorite Sammy moment was when he ran around the corner and then came back to us in his humongous vest and holding a gun that was just too big for him and saying, "The coast is clear!"

Two year olds... hmmmmm

Today was a typical day for any two year old.  Evelyn "got" her own breakfast while I was in the shower... which of course ended up in cereal all over the entire kitchen floor which she refused to help clean up.  Then she didn't want to pick out a dress to wear, so I picked one out and then forcibly put it on her.  She was totally fine with it once it was on... she just didn't want me to put it on.  She spent the first 15 minutes of Sacrament Meeting trying to take off her tights because they had a hole in the toe.  While doing that, she noticed that her undershirt had a picture of Princess Tiana on it... so she spent the next 15 minutes trying to take off her dress while I tried to distract her and keep her clothes on.  We compromised with just taking of the tights and giving her a piece of taffy that I'd brought for my Primary class.  That kept her dress on.  Then she had a poopy diaper and we walked/ran to the bathroom where she kept wiggling her bum back and forth while I was trying to catch it with the wipe and saying, "Mommy I'm pinching you!"  (I wonder if she knows what a pinch is if she's wiggling back and forth.... hmmm?)  Then she insisted on using the toilet before putting on her diaper, and wouldn't take the toilet paper that I got for her.... she had to do it herself (which instead of a couple squares, she ended up with about a quarter of a square in her little fingers.  Good enough right?)  She insisted that she climb onto the counter by herself, which she did just fine.  Getting her own soap, which she couldn't catch for some reason so was making a soap puddle on the sink and rejecting all attempts at help.  Getting mad at me for taking her back into Sacrament Meeting instead of straight to Nursery.  Etc... you can see where I'm going with this?  Cute as she is, I'm not quite sure whether to smack her, help her, or just giggle at her lately. 

A couple of days ago, she saw Sammy making himself a cup of hot cocoa.  She decided that if Sam could do it so could she.  While everyone was busy she pulled out a sippy cup, the cocoa mix, and a spoon.  When Ada caught her, she'd already filled up her entire cup with cocoa mix and was trying to climb the stool to get water from the tap.  We saved the cocoa from sheer disaster and made her a cup, but I'm considering locking the cupboards til she's 4.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013



BYU sculpture garden


My kids love reading with grandma...


It was so nice to get out before it snows. The kids had fun feeding Michelle's dogs sticks and were good troopers. I carried Pips the whole way and carried Evelyn for about a third of it.

Monday, November 11, 2013


As I'm scanning papers and pictures from my Grandma Wilcox's house, I'm finding all sorts of things.  She has things for grandkids, things she enjoyed reading, but my favorites are the written testimonies that I'm finding.  I read them and I love them.  It also makes me realize that my kids rarely hear me talk about my testimony outside of Family Night.  I'm grateful that Family Night gives me the chance to talk to my kids about what I believe and know and what I hope for them as they grow.  This also gives me a chance to re-evaluate what I want for me and my family as we grow together.  What I want is to be surrounded by my wonderful kids, their kids and their kids... I want my husband to hold me tight and enjoy the kids as much as I do.  I want to look at my family 40 years down the road and honestly say that they all know Christ in their lives and are moving towards Him.  I don't need them to be perfect, just trying.  I want to feel like I did in the temple the other day, looking across the room at the wonderful men standing straight and tall, knowing that they all are different but they all were worthy to be there... and know that my Dad was right in the middle of them.  I want my kids to know the value of work, independence, charity, dependence, faith, education, love, and family.  I want them to know that what God wants for us is very attainable.

I really like how Jer's dad puts it.  We don't "earn" heaven, we create our heaven.  We create the relationships with those around us that will endure into our lives after death.  We create the qualities that we possess and contribute to the qualities of those around us.  I want to create my heaven filled with people.  Some people can't understand why we've been doing fertility treatments even after having three wonderful, beautiful, and loved children.  It's because I want to share my heaven with as many as will have it.  My children aren't my only heaven though... my brothers, sisters, friends, parents, grandparents... I even have an intense love for my great-uncles and aunts and their children.  I want to share my heaven with all of them. 

Cousin Melissa

My cousin just went through the temple for the first time!  I was so excited to be there with her and her families!  Loved every moment of it!  I loved sitting by my mom and looking across the isle at my dad.  Love it.


So Sammy likes to do tricks... he's bouncy like Tigger.  He's started doing fancy jumps and yelling, "A!A!"  hehehe.... too much Wii time.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Robertson Halloween/Fall leaf party

The upside and downside of a large yard with lots of trees are the leaves when they fall.  The upside is that it makes for a killer leaf pile to jump in, the down side... you have to rake them all and get rid of them when you're done.  We had a very low key but fun Halloween party this year.  We played 'Don't eat Frank', played in the leaves, ate candy, and ate soup with mashed potato ghosts in them.  Sam brought me his mashed potato ghost and said, "Mom look!  This ghost is smashed potatoes!"  Don't ever grow up Sam! 

Why do my nieces keep growing... knock it off!  You're reminding me that my littles aren't going to stay little long!

Who remembers twirling like this?

Ada and Rachel tried to make the leaf pile as big as they could... here they're doing it like dogs.

Sam being Spiderman!

Grandma and cute baby Tay

Wearing Grandma's candy witch hats.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Helping grandma

Kids first symphony

My friend Michelle plays the trombone.  She invited us to a performance.  It was an organ concerto.  I loved it and the kids were pretty well behaved too. 

32 year old dress

My mom made that little red dress for my older sister... It's still stinkin cute.

Love Seth

Free donuts for good grades... Yes please

I took Ada to Krispie Kremes for their good student donuts... Luckily she was willing to share with the other kids.

Monday, November 4, 2013


We just had Jer's HalloLAN... his computer game party that we invite everyone to play games with us.   That means that not only did I get to geek out, but I also didn't get a chance to finish catching up with my blog.  Jer took the kids to Cornbelly's with Diane and crew last week while I was sick.  I choose lots of pictures because it feels more like I was there... They had a blast and couldn't stop talking about it for days.  I'm glad it wasn't as cold and windy as it had been the time we tried before.