Friday, October 18, 2013

Grandma's funeral

My wonderful family... Grandma's funeral was on Saturday.  It was very good.  I know, that sounds odd.  It was neat because Grandma's four sons bore testimony of Jesus Christ, the Atonement, of living for others, of love, education.  They were amazing.  We all sang a song that Grandma wrote with Janice Kapp Perry called "My Place of Prayer".  I loved seeing all her nieces and nephews come and tell us how much they love her.  20 of the 24 grandkids and their families were there... 2 are missionaries and 2 are just far away.  It was so neat to see my amazing cousins. 
Uncle Wayne told a few stories that were in Grandma's journals.  My favorite was one that my Grandma had written about her mother. 
While going through menopause, my great-grandmother always carried two handkerchiefs.  One too wipe perspiration and one more fancy one to use in front of other people.  She would tuck one in each strap of her bra.  Once during a Sunday School meeting, she reached for one... it wasn't there.  She dug around further, wasn't there.  She tried the other side, it wasn't there.  She dug around further and it wasn't there.  She said something to the effect of, "I apologize!  When I left I know I had two of them, now they're both gone!"

My sweet pall bearer cousins/brothers.  Russell wasn't able to be here, but these are the rest of the grandsons.  Aren't they a handsome lot?

My cute family.

My immediate family sans Sophie and twins who came to half the funeral but had to leave for a wedding.  Weird day huh.

I love this man.  Jer took the kids on a walk so I could take pictures of all my cousins and second and third cousins.  Notice though... I didn't realize it before but I took a picture of my family standing in front of my Great-Grandparents headstone.

My mom told the kids to go choose a flower from the coffin to remember Great-Grandma. 
While all the family was around, a few of us got together to play games afterwards and had fun talking about Grandma and her poetry and art.  She was amazing, it's true.  And she was buried right across the street from the elementary school that she taught in for 20 years. 

Feeling normal

Life has been so crazy... I just wanted to feel normal before the holiday crazies rushed by.  So I took the afternoon "off" of our routine and went up the canyon for a quick kid photo shoot.  I haven't photoshoped them yet, but they look pretty good without.  Maybe I'll just tweak them a little bit. There were some cute ones of Sam too... I wanted to photoshop his cold sore out of his close ups.

Pictures from Aubrey and Devin birthday party

Squaw Peak

Ada built her own "temple"

Conference picture catch up

Yeah... this is just how awesome it is to listen to General Conference with family... Love it!