Monday, September 30, 2013

Love going to church

Isn't this fun? We don't look like the picture perfect family, but I'm feeling happy as my girls hold hands and my son holds the door on the way to church.

Star Wars

Our kids love the Star Wars culture and merchandise, but they know little to nothing about the story line. This morning's conversation went like this...

Ada speaking of Princess Amedala - "Pretend that they were married."
Sam speaking for Anakin Skywalker- "No, they're brother and sister.  Come on sister!"
Ada - "But if they're not married then they can't be in love. And brother and sister can't get married."

Well, they don't know that they really are married and their twins look like they're going to fall in love but don't.  How is it that my kids know that?

Cleaning up

When I ask the kids to clean their rooms:

Sam jumps in and is done in about 5 mins. 

Ada works for 5 mins, decorates/plays for about an hour, and then asks me for help.  Even though I believe in helping when others are in need, I also believe in teaching children.  My gut response is, "I didn't help you make the mess, why do you need my help to clean the mess?"  I try to be nicer about it though.  Then Ada plays in her room for a little while longer before convincing Sam that if he helps her then she can come play with him.  Nice.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Big girl

Looks like my girl learned her last name...


What do you mean? I'm potty training?!

Berry picking in the rain

They were delicious...

Why is it

Why is it that every time you have to be somewhere or it's just inconvenient something happens? For example, leaving to pick up Ada from school the other day bien Pips and Evelyn had poopy diapers. Then Pips pooped at Sharon's store and it got all over my shirt.  Todays example is, running out the door to pick up Ada... Evelyn had to go potty so we went and I told her to go get in the car...instead she went and got the strawberry milk mix and shook it so hard that it exploded over my kitchen floor where it still is because we had to go get Ada... Yeah, looking forward to getting home.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I officially hit 1000

1000 posts about my sweet family and life with them.  That's kind of neat in a way. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

I have

I feel rather old.... all my little nieces and nephews are growing up and getting on with their lives.  I have one old enough to serve a mission soon, one old enough to have a license, two more getting ready for learning to drive, etc....  Well yesterday, my 12 year old nephew, Johnny just got ordained as a deacon.  He's 12!  What an exciting step!  He's definitely one that will be good at taking care of those around him.  When he's asked to do something, he does it usually without complaint and he does it well.  Good for him!

Walmart pricematch

I went to Walmart to pick up the cd player that I found for Ada's birthday for $23.17.  It was ranked with 4 stars and I thought that would be a fun present for her.  I got there, found it in electronics, and the price said $29.99.  I took it up to the front thinking they might adjust it.  Asked the lady at the register, "Do you pricematch your own website?" She told me that they didn't so I just handed her the cd player, got out of line, purchased it with my phone on their website and selected free in-store pick up.  There's something very ironic in the whole situation. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cute Evelyn

She's cute. Just saying.


We finally stopped in to this store. Sam and I rode the ferris wheel. We got stopped at the top, which I'm usually an fine with, but Sam wanted to see everything and kept rocking the car...


Our sharing time on Sunday was on service... These are all the kids helping hands...

Right at home

Evelyn feels right at home at the bookstore.

Kid's Krafts

So, my sister's store has started classes on quilting and basic sewing. Every second Saturday is a kid hand sewing project. This is what they made last time... Pencil holders... They are so proud that they made them themselves.

So lucky...

We are pretty lucky. The power is out, it's a nice day out so we don't need the cooler, I have a phone to blog on and kids to color with. Evelyn is holding her skirt and twirling around the kitchen, Ada is done with her homework and playing with stencils, Sammy is randomly attacking Evelyn as she spins. 
The only things I'm lamenting is the dishwasher and washing machine have paused in their jobs, but at least we have an excuse not to do those chores at the moment.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Another sweet repost

Mom, this one's for you.  This post was written by Judy Oct 2005.

"I have heard a couple things on devotionals that give one something to ponder. One was Hugh Nibley. He said that, "We come to earth to learn two things---to learn to forgive and to repent." That was a really interesting thought. Then someone else....can't remember who--But they said that we can tell when we have really forgiven someone. We stop clinging to or thinking about "what would have been had this person not done whatever... " The natural tendency is to think about some hurt or offence or betrayal and how it has ruined this, that or the other. But when we have truly and completly forgiven the person, then we don't even think about "what might have been ....." An interesting thought.

Then yesterday in Relief Society, the lesson was on service. The teacher told about some one who had really blessed her life---Sister Elaine Ellis (mother of Moana Wilcox, who is the mother of Rosanne Robertson). The teacher was a young mother expecting her third child when her husband was called onto the High Counsel. She was paniced about how she was going to be able to handle it all. Sister Ellis worte her a sweet note, buoying her up and encouraging her that she would be able to do it. The teacher then told about how Sister Ellis, as Relief Society president, would go over the ward list and pray about each sister, listening for any guidiance as to what their needs were--which she always acted upon. On another occasion, this sister was having a really hard time, when the doorbell rang. It was Sister Ellis, who said, "I'm not here as the Relief Society President. I'm not here as the Bishop's wife. I'm here as a friend. What do you need?"

What an amazing woman! Rosanne, you have a awesome heritage. We are grateful that you have joined our family and we can all be blessed by that mixing of heritages. It was a wonderful lesson and made me want to be a better, more inspired, helpful, and kind person."

Old times


I'd kind of forgotten that we had an extended Robertson Family blog for a while.  It was a blog where any of Jer's family could post thoughts on.  Here's one that I wrote back in Dec 2005.

"It's not really that I don't have anything else to do. I need to be studying for my next three finals, but I haven't read or written a blog for a while, so I decided to say hi... and to wish all you students out there good luck with your tests.... I need it if no one else does.

I had a really cool experience yesterday. For my mom's birthday she wanted to go to the temple together. It was really cool to have 5 girls and 2 boys all squished onto one of those big couches in the Celestial Room. It's a really neat experience to be able to see the ones you love in a place you love. It definitely helps you to want to live worthy of your eternal family."

I remember all that... but I think I got the numbers wrong... we have 4 girls and 3 boys... man, if a college student can't count, then we have no hope for the future.

Well, today was different

I was so proud of myself this morning.  Got up, got Ada off to school on time, mowed the lawn in enough time to pick up Ada from school, got the kids shoes on... they were standing next to the door when I figured out that I couldn't find my van keys anywhere.  Jer had one set at work, at least a 1/2 hour away.  I couldn't find mine.  Finally gave up and called my VTer and HTer/ carpooling buddy (yeah they're married) to go get her at school for me.  (The problem is that you have to have the right color and number on an official school card displayed in your windshield that matches with your child's color and number. I think it's a great precaution but it wasn't convenient today... at all.)  Proud Mommy moment... Ada told the teacher that the black car wasn't her car and she was only supposed to get in her car... Cringing moment... Ada carpools in the black car with my VTer every morning to school so she should know who they are by now.  I couldn't bring myself to even be remotely mad about that though... she knew not to get in a stranger's car... awesome!  Jer got home, unlocked the van with his set of keys and found my set which had fallen on the floor before closing and locking it last time I used it.  Nice.  Let's just say, thank goodness for Visiting and Home Teachers.

Monday, September 16, 2013

A different Sammy Sunday

So, Sammy's Sunday was a little different this week.  He's our early bird.  The rest of us don't like to wake up, he does.  He's usually up at 7-7:30 no problem.  The rest of us CAN get up that early but on Sunday morning? No. Sam got up early, came in to say good morning, went down to get his own breakfast and then it's quiet.  Eventually we hear a knocking sound that just isn't stopping.  Jer went to see what Sam was doing and couldn't find him anywhere.  He assumed that maybe he fell asleep somewhere, but the knocking was still going on.  Jer went to the front door and there was a cute little pajama wearing Sam knocking on the locked door and trying to get in.  Apparently, he'd gone out into the garage which locks automatically from the outside and he couldn't get back in the house so he squoze out of the garage through the little part that we leave open for the cat to come in and out at... then he proceeded to knock on the front door.   I'm glad he didn't just get stuck in the garage.  There's no way we would have heard him knocking from two floors up... poor little funny guy.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I'm going to miss summer

The Gameroom

My cousin owns this place down in Provo. It's very fun. He has ping-pong, foosball, pool, sandwiches, shakes and fries. The kids loved playing ping-pong especially. I loved that it was family friendly... No smoke, nice music... I wasn't afraid to just let my kids run.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Don't stop

Please Sam, don't stop calling Life Savers "Light Sabers" and Ada don't ever stop calling bunk beds "bonk beds". 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sum it up

This pretty much sums up my day... Instead of her usual hands mess it was hands, face, hair, clothes, floor, walls, and chair mess... Along with her stealing two muffins off the table and smashing them into three different carpeted rooms.  I mean, she's usually messier than the other three just cause she's at that age, but today has been singular.

Proud of her new shoes

While Ada doesn't seem to be growing, her feet sure have...She looks so lovely.


Last days of grandma's splash pad



Monday, September 9, 2013

Birthday at the Fair

For her birthday every year, my sister asks to go to the State Fair with everyone.  While Jer and Sam were on a father's and son's campout, we went up to play with everyone else.  Fun stuff!

Missionary homecoming

We went to say hi to my sweet cousin David that just returned from his mission to Japan.  Ada was enchanted by the Barbie dolls, the clothes and the accessories... She was so cute.

I used to

I  used to consider myself a feminist.  Especially in college.  I thought feminism was proving that women were as able as men.  I grew up in a home where girls and boys both worked hard.  We both landscaped the yard, built the addition on the house, built the deck, remodeled other's homes with my dad, re-roofed homes, laid sprinkler systems, all of us took turns cooking dinners, all of us learned to doing basic sewing, learned basic music skills, etc... Then I saw how those that proclaimed to be feminists usually used this cause to get their own way instead of what was fair.  My favorite example of this is a female artist claimed unfair at a gallery that was showing all male artists.  The gallery didn't say that the show was only for male artists... they were just the artists whose art had been chosen for the show previous to the lady's interference.  The gallery was forced to take the female artist against their own will or lose their business. 

When any cause is used to manipulate, it ceases to be a cause in my opinion.  Women getting a vote, women with fairness in the work place... I agree with these.  Using the name of feminism to get what you want that wasn't meant for you, or that you didn't earn crosses the line between a cause and selfishness. 

I have a few friends that have declared themselves Mormon Feminists.  They declared that it isn't fair that the women of the church haven't been given the priesthood.  They fought that women didn't give the opening prayer in church (which is silly... I've given the opening prayer in church several times), and that women "only" got to give birth to children.  You can't fight with these women... any view except their own is the "wrong" one. 

Not long ago, my friend and I had a conversation about wearing pants to church.  She wanted the option of doing so.  I tried to explain to her that she had the option of doing so.  In both Ecuador and Kenya, it was common for women to wear pants to church... mostly because they were poor and couldn't afford anything else.  But, I noticed that none of the church leaders thought twice about their attire.  In the church handbook it doesn't say that women are denied the chance to wear pants.  It says to dress modestly and in your best attire to show respect for the Lord... I failed to see where the need to protest was.  She and several others arranged a protest day where all the women would go to church in pants.  I said go ahead, but I don't feel like church is the best place for a protest against something that isn't forbidden in the first place.  Church is where I go to learn and worship God.  Where I take my family to learn the principles of godliness.  A protest detracts from both of those purposes. 

Now, she and her group are arranging to protest outside of General Conference at the Priesthood session.  They want to have the priesthood.  She argues that she doesn't want to hold the priesthood responsibilities, she only wants to be able to lay her hands on her children's and husbands heads when they need blessings.  There are several things that I want to say to this.  I could say that she already blesses her family whether she lays her hands on their heads or not.  I could say that by demanding this, she would be taking away an opportunity for others to learn and serve.  She wants to be self sufficient... God wants us to be self-sufficient, but He also wants us to love and care for one another.  Serve one another. 

What about the wonderful and thoughtful men in my life?  I am just as able to do what they do, but I don't need to take over for them in order to help them.  I love feeling their love and their kindness as they serve and help.  I love serving right alongside them.  Men and women are inherently different.  Women usually are the type to see a need and fulfill it.  Men are usually the type to do whatever they can to complete a goal, but they are not the type to see an individuals needs.  I know several very wonderful men that when given a priesthood responsibility they work hard, serve hard, and any person that meet them love them... the same wonderful men, without an assignment do nothing, accomplish little, and are known to few.  All that had changed was that they no longer had that priesthood assignment.  We are given assignments to grow and to serve usually for our own good, not solely for others.

What about the pioneer woman, Amanda Smith, whose son was on the brink of death after being shot in the hip at Haun's Mill.  She didn't have the priesthood but prayed and God told her to mix ash and lye in the wound in a certain way and as her son healed it solidified into a replacement hip... years before anyone knew that replacement hips would have been an option.  I don't see God denying her or her son anything because she "couldn't" lay her hands on her son's head to give a blessing.

I can't explain it fully.  I feel that by a woman asking for the priesthood, they are denying a man the opportunity to serve and grow.  Women and men and not better than one another, they are different... and they need different opportunities that are tailored to their needs.

My biggest hesitation with the Mormon Feminists movement is that when I read their views I feel knotted and twisted in my stomach.  I don't feel the peace of the Spirit. 

I feel sorry for these women.  I feel that they don't have a testimony of the purpose of our life here on Earth.  I especially feel that they are being self-centered.  That is not God's gospel.  Our goal is to gain a body, bring others to Earth in their own bodies, and try to help as many other people around us to gain Celestial Glory as have the desire to.  It's not a race.  It's not a "we're better than".   Those purposes can only be brought to pass by all of us together as families and loved ones... not by trying to claim everything to ourselves in the name of some cause.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I love when talking toddlers start to show their fluency.  Evelyn's newest phrase is ,"My do it!" Which she says often.  She likes to do her own carseat buckles up, go potty on her own, etc...

Sunday, September 1, 2013


We forgot our camera for the weekend but we got to see my brother's new house, celebrate their twins 6th birthday, visit Jer's brother and play at one really nice park and wrestle kids in church. It's been busy!

Julie's Fabric Stash

Evelyn counting

1 - 2 - 3 - 9 - 13
Every time... At least she's consistent.