Saturday, August 31, 2013


After a very frustrating Potty day yesterday, Jer and I decided to go on a date... We went out to eat and then browsed the book store.  I was looking through the kids books for something for Ada's birthday and ran across the potty training books.  Most of them were hilarious and no way would I ever spend money on them.  One of them was way cute.  I never thought I would, but we bought that book.  We read it to her several times last night before bed and when she wanted to get dressed this morning she decided that she was ready to try.  She put her own jammies in the dirty clothes, her own diaper in the diaper pail, put herself on the potty and brought her book with her.  She sat there reading it and on the page where the little girl goes potty, so did Evelyn!  It wasn't her first time, but it was the first time since we seriously started trying!  YAYAYAYAYAY!  That won't guarantee that she'll want to later, but at least the first time has happened.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Strong willed

Strong willed does not run in my family, right?  Several siblings and parents are very strong willed and self assured.  Evelyn is too. 

Two examples:

Riding in the car the other day... it was time for the kids to be in bed so we were trying to get them to sleep.  Evelyn kept talking and singing, etc... really cute.  Jer said, "Evelyn, shhh.  It's time to go to sleep."  Evelyn, "Daddy no!  No quiet me."

The other is that I've started potty training her because she keeps taking off her diaper after she's pooped.  Luckily so far, there haven't been any real messes because of it.  I do see a potential disaster in the making with that one though.  If we're going to have pee and poop all over the house, I'd rather it was because of potty training than the other.  She's peed and pooped in the toilet at this point.  She knows how, but she's just stubborn enough that since I told her that we were going to learn to do it she doesn't want to do it any more.  She will sit on the potty for a half hour at a time and listen to stories or watch a show on my phone, but if I ask her to try to pee (again, not a new idea to her) she just says, "I can't do it Mommy.  I can't do it." (Not crying or whining... just says it and continues to sit there.)  The most response I've gotten is that I gave her a mini-marshmallow for sitting on the potty... that made her excited.  I told her that if she peed or pooped I'd give her another.  She'd pretend to grunt and then hold out her hand for another one.  Almost kiddo, almost.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.  She only had one accident today, but I've only had her in undies since 5pm.  That means that she held it from about 5-8:30 when she peed her pants and 3 potty trips in the middle of that.  Like I said, stubborn.

Mowing the lawn

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Point

I miss doing things with the kids.  Not that I don't, but I used to take them 1-2 times a week to somewhere to do something.  Aquarium, splash pad, museums, etc... but lately it's only been once in a while and mostly I send them outside to play instead.  Both are good, but I miss the different excursions. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Ada's first day

I officially have a Kindergartener.  I can't believe that she's all set!  She was so nervous.  She told me, "Mom, could you come in with me because I'm shy."  After her first day, she was all smiles and wanted to tell me all about the games she played.  When I tell her it's time to get ready for school she pops out of bed and gets her clothes out of her drawers.  She's taken two naps out of the three after school days.  At least she's enjoying it.  She said, "I played games, did some learning, and had recess."

getting ready

Getting Ada ready for school, I wanted to do something fun with her so that she could feel special and not too jittery.  She wanted to paint her fingernails.  So we did.  And so did Evelyn... luckily it's water based fingernail polish.

Happy birthday Kate

Neptune Park

We got to go to Neptune Park with Grandma Wilcox and the twins... fun!

Seven Peaks

Fun weekend at Seven Peaks... glad we got to use our Pass of All Passes finally. 

Good big brother

Evelyn was getting upset at something... Sam patted her and said, "Don't sweat it, Evelyn." 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sunbeam class

Teaching 4 year olds is always exciting.  Teaching them and expecting them to be quiet/reverent is that much more exciting.  Today went something like this:

me: k boys, I brought candy for the end of class but you only get it if you can be reverent.
all kids: Yay!
onlygirl - disappears out of chair and goes to visit dad
me - asks Primary Secretary to go find onlygirl
boy1: boy2 you're not being reverent!  Stop it! Stop it!
boy3: I want to be reverent.  -decides to move to sit by onlygirl
me: boy1 and boy2 I know it's hard sometimes, but I need you to sit still and try to be reverent.
boy1: I want to be reverent.  - promptly bursts into tears.
me: boy1, you're doing a good job I just need you to stop playing with boy2 right now.
onlygirl - disappears out of chair to go visit dad again
me - asks help from Primary Secretary to find onlygirl again... look over to see boy1 almost falling off his chair because he fell asleep.  I pick him up and put him on my lap.
boy4: I want to sit on your lap
me: You'll have to wait your turn bud.
boy2:  My name is Wolverine!  It's not boy2, I only answer to Wolverine.  My dad is a bad man.
me: boy2, it's singing time. Do you know these songs?  And do you know what kind of candy I brought for you if you're super reverent?

To say the least... boy3 got extra candy and Sammy aka:boy4 promptly burst into tears because he got one piece instead of two like boy3... wow.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Julie's Fabric Stash

Look at how great this looks!  It was a pharmacy.  I'm so proud of my sister for pursuing her dreams!  Brave and bold!  And "Sharon's in charge" (inside joke).  This place is great.  I bought some fabric to make dresses for my girls and some 'I am Sam' material to make Sammy stuff.  And there is a kids play area so that they can play and I can shop.... sweet.  The first three days have gone well, if she keeps this up she could add to her inventory.

my favorite

I love it when Evelyn says, "One more time?" Complete with finger in the air and a questioning look on her face.  She usually uses this phrase instead of, "Again!"

Just like Christmas

It's always nice to have Christmas.  My kids thought it was Christmas when I moved the couch for them to clean out all the toys and books they'd put down there in the last few months.  They were so excited with each new discovery.  Sam's favorite was his lego instruction booklet, "Mom, look it's my destructions!"

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ending of summer, kind of

Jer was gone for four days last week on Scout camp.  It was alright, but I did miss him.  We're very glad that he's back.  Today we had an impromptu swim party and had Max, Pips, Allen, Nate, Charlotte, Lizzie and my kids all playing and having a blast.  I'm glad that Ada asked to do it.

Neptune Park

Tea Party

Our sweet neighbor hosts a princess/prince party every year when her grandkids come to visit.  She invites us as well because we are good friends.  The problem is that we though Evelyn had the chicken pox this year.  Luckily or not so luckily, it ended up being an allergic reaction to either the antibiotics that she was on or the cashews that she ate at my parents house.  It wasn't like the hives that either my older kids ever broke out it... and they lasted for five days, but they did go away and that was great.  Since we missed their party, we had our own tea party with my sister Sharon.  It was so fun to see how much fun the kids had playing pretend while they ate lunch at the same time. Cuties.

Ada's friend

Ada got to do this for a friend's bday party. How cool is that?