Thursday, July 25, 2013


Evelyn's favorite phrase right now is, "How ya doin?" And she's pleased as punch if you tell her that you're doing good.

Evelyn and her "Sethie"

Monday, July 22, 2013


Ada and Sam want to play with him all day long... And Evelyn already knows his name. Hope he's okay with children.

Weekend catch up

First of all, Thursday night we met our new friend Yuji.  He's a student at the Toyota Technical college in Tokyo and is staying with us while he's learning more about English and American Culture.  He's very thoughtful and while he knows vocabulary, he's still struggling with conversation.

Friday, I took the kids up to cousin Joey's birthday party.  We went to City Creek, Temple Square, and the Church Museum.  I also got to drop off my Grandpa Wilcox's mission journals to the Church History Library.  Isn't it exciting!

Thanks mom for teaching me about plastic and duct tape for swimming with a broken arm!

I took this picture before I realized that Evelyn was getting her cast wet.  I had to take it off and dry it, and she got all excited and said "Arm!".  Then of course she fell again while the splint was off so when I had to take it off for her bath she said, "No, no!".  I think she realized that it was there to help her.

Saturday, we took Yuji to the Classic Volkswagon show, then up to City Creek for shopping, Temple Square for pictures, and a drive over the Alpine Loop for more pictures.  Then we had a picnic dinner while we watched the Aladdin Musical in the Orem City Park.

Sunday, we took Yuji to church.  He was a good sport.  He went to Jer's class where all the 12 year olds used their ipads/tablets to try to ask him questions with google translate.  There were so many mistranslations that there was a lot to laugh about.  I officially got released as both the RS and Primary pianists and now I'm going to be Sammy's Sunbeams teacher.  Fun and scary at the same time.  Sam's way excited to have me be there at least. In the evening, we went to the Robertson's to visit with Amy and family, Emily and family, John and family, and Jim and Judy.  It was so fun to see Jim remembering places and languages that he hasn't for a long time. 
Today we had a time getting out of the cul-de-sac. They're resurfacing the streets so we had to park outside the block.  Getting kids to the car in time to get Yuji and his friend to school on time was so exciting. Tonight we're going to have family night with my family.  I'm glad because Seth was so good at talking with Yuji. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013


I'll have to post the rest of our weekend when I get by the computer, hour until then... We went to Aladdin the musical in the city park. It was fun. We ate dinner on the grass and just enjoyed the show.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A first

Don't you hate when you're right? Evelyn jumped out of her bed last night about 10pm.... I thought, "Oh dang, I bet she just broke her arm." I was right. She has a buckle fracture on her left arm.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fun car rides

I just had the funnest car ride.  Ada was singing a made up song that was something like, "Choose the right cause I'm never alone. Heavenly Father is right beside me." At the same time, Sam is singing,"My life is good cause I have my family." And.... Evelyn is singing something about apples and wiping.  I love my life.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Jer's phone pictures

I'm a picture vulture... these were all pictures off of Jer's phone that I had to steal.  Thanks Jer for being on the ball when I wasn't!  I'm really glad to have you and your phone handy at all times...

Proof that I exercise...

Bridal Veil falls with the Tarkingtons

Colonial Days with the Robertsons

Horseback riding with the Wilcox's

Had to laugh

Tehehe... this is one of those that she's going to hate when she's older.

Harding/ John and Diane Reunion

This year, we had John and Diane's family come meet us up at Bear Lake while we were there.  They came up Monday and it was mostly just us with a few Jeffries here and there and a Roseman or two.  I had so much fun chatting, swimming, and just being at my favorite place ever.  Diane reminded me how lucky I am to have a close extended family (on both sides...).  We were planning on staying til today (Sunday) but our plans changed when my fertility doctor said that I needed to do an ultrasound on Thursday, one on Friday and then the IUI on Saturday.  The last IUI didn't work.  This time I had 5 follicles growing but hopefully only 2 of the were mature enough to release an egg.    Because our week got cut short, we invited John's family to spend Friday night and stay Saturday to play games.  I love how well everyone gets along.  It's so fun.  Evelyn's been in a mood the last couple days though... she keeps thinking that she can tell Josh what to do, and he just antagonizes her back.  At least he's not threatened.

Before we left, we got to see the beginnings of the Harding reunion.  It's fun to see Great-Aunt Margaret and Great-Uncle Frank.  They were excited this time because out of their 12 kids, 9 could come to the reunion with their kids.  We also got to see Great-Aunt Donna and her soon to be husband who was my Great-Uncle Lee Ellis from my other side of the family... kind of ironic that now his my Great-Uncle twice over huh?

Pig sticks

Arwen, me (camping hair and all) and Evelyn

They were being puppies... cute!

"Yes, I do look up to you."

Ellis Reunion

This family reunion, Landon's extended family decided to have a treasure hunt and buried stuff for the little kids in a box in the sand.  It was adorable.

Duck, Duck, Goose with my Aunt Diane and her grandbabies.

Matchy and warm

Going to bed in the A-Frame loft.

Grandma and Grandpa Wilcox took us and Aubrey and Devin to ride horses.  It was a blast.

My favorite part about the lake... gabbing with cousins.


Ada was sick of the boys, so she drew three lines around her and told all the boys that they weren't allowed in the lines.

Games with Seth.