Friday, June 28, 2013


I'm so grateful that my kids are willing to be kids... They are willing to swim, ride bikes as fast as they can,  try to fly kites without wind blowing, scrape knees, climb on furniture, eat cookie dough, pet animals in the street, knock on neighbors doors just to say hi, dig in the dirt, read funny books, make blanket forts, cuddle with mom in bed, give big hugs around the neck, and swing until they are sick. Just saying.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Too comfy

As seen after family night...

Good neighbors

I love our old neighbors, Bobbi Graham and her husband... She is one of my favorite people and reminds me so much of my own sweet grandma.  They left two years ago to serve a mission in Jerusalem. What a neat place and how exciting. They're back now but have decided to down grade into a smaller home.  Before moving, they reported to the ward on their mission.  The theme of her talk was "Wherever we are is a holy place if we make it one.". It was very good... Then Bro Graham got up and said, "The best part of going was that I got to be with this sweet lady 24/7." I thought  that that was so sweet, and it made me really excited to serve a mission with my husband. 

Sam's first talk in church

I have to say, with Ada's first talk in church, we talked with her, wrote down what she said and practiced. With Sam, we completely forgot. Jer and Sam were brilliant though. It was supposed to be on how getting baptized is following God's Plan. Jer just stood by him while Sam recited the fourth article of faith.
We believe that the first principles and ordinances of the gospel are first, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, second repentance, third baptism by immersion for the remission of sins, fourth the laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost.
I'm sooooooo glad that we've been practicing these so that Sam had something to say instead of mom or dad giving their testimonies through Sam to the Primary.  He was so cute up there and seemed more pleased than nervous.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

This one's for you dad

Since I can remember, my dad has worn suspenders everyday... Five days a week for his teaching job, Sundays for church, and pretty much every night while he accomplished his ecclesiastical duties.... Well I saw these and had to buy them for Sam. Love them.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

They got a baby!

My good friend from the good old days has been trying to adopt for quite some time and they got their new baby about 5 weeks ago.  He's so cute! Little dimple and all. I know they'll be amazing parents, and if you they don't feel like they're doing so great it's because they're so tired from being pure awesomeness...  Today I got to meet him at their baby shower.  So sweet!

Fun trip to Bridal Veil Falls

Thanks Marg! I really needed to go do something like this...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Scripture study

Last night Ada told us during scripture study that she was really tired as that she was going to go to sleep while we were reading and leave her ears ,"turned on."

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Evelyn like Blue Man Group... she has even imitated them... nice.

Sam tells me that he loves me all the time.

Ada loves playing... and playing... and playing.... if we lived on a farm, she'd be the happiest girl alive.


So just a note about fertility treatments...

They said Clomid would make me moody... it made me tired and happy.

We did the IUI yesterday, we'll see if it works... now just to be patient and find out.

The hardest part of the whole process so far was having to give myself a shot.  I just couldn't do it, so I visited my resident nurse... THANKS MOM!

I highly recommend IUI... it's a little expensive... so far it's been about $1500... but if it works, it's so worth it.  And it's cheaper than IVF for $10,000.

There is a chance for multiples, I doubt we will have them, but if we do... here are my thoughts.  It will be a hard 3 years, but wouldn't it be hard to have to go through fertility treatments again two years from now when we decide that we want another baby?

The doctor said that everything looked great and went well, but we've heard that sometimes it takes 3-4 times doing the treatment to get pregnant so I'm trying not to get too excited just yet.  At least I know the whole process now... and if we end up doing it again it will be easier.

If we end up not being able to get pregnant, at least I'll know by the end of the year and be able to just keep going without the guessing.  I'd also double up my effort to lose weight again.  Dieting sucks, just saying.

Father's day

This man is amazing.  I didn't post on Father's Day, but this is one of the most amazing and humble men in the world.  He never gets mad, I swear... or if he does, he doesn't show it.  He's done wonders for my patience and also with my self esteem.  He's made me look and value me for me and not for my body.  He loves and plays with the three wonderful kids that we've made together.  He supports us all in our ups and downs.  And for Father's Day, guess what he wanted?  He wanted to hang out with family, so we did.  We hung out with my family for a little and then just us for a little and then his family while his dad made deliciously sinful chocolate cake.  We didn't get to sing to him in church, but the kids have been practicing a song for him and we'll catch him unawares sometime.  Jer wanted a chop saw, so he got it.  Here's to many happy years, and many wood working projects to come.

Bear Lake Work Weekend

We are so lucky to have a place to play and stay during the summer.  My Great-Grandpa's cabin is old but it feels like a second home to me.  Because I want my kids to love and enjoy it too, we want to participate in the family maintenance and cleaning times.  We went this last Friday and Saturday to cut down three trees, rake prickly bushes, fix the canoe, debate about the boat house, watch Troy fix the water heater, and let the kids swim and play.  I'm so glad that we have a fun place to go.  It's worth the time it takes to take care of it.

Because it's a family cabin, we get to meet up with all sorts of extended family at any given time.  Ada made friends with Boston and Brooks... my mom's cousins' daughters. I think we figured out that it makes them 2nd cousins once removed or something... 

Living life

Do you ever just want to push the pause button so that you can just breath and enjoy what's going on before moving on to the next thing?  Last week, Marg and her kids came into town to stay for a while.  We got to go and see them at the airport and listen to Eli's happy chatter and Joseph and Ada's jokes all the way home.     I got to have Jason come and play for a few days while his mom was at girl's camp with Carrie, and we got to go play in the irrigation on Thursday.

Evelyn and Maisy

Ada's game... buckets of water+jumping= wet trampoline

Slip n' slide into the irrigation

Jason and Evelyn

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Just finished

Six bonnets for the youth pioneer trek.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Missing my vacuum

My vacuum broke about three weeks ago... I'm missing it today as I look at my carpet. Luckily, it's still under warranty and I won't have to pay to get it fixed. But, I had to drive it to Draper and wait for the part that's on back order. The guy said it's still about two weeks out... So at least five weeks without a vacuum and me with my three little ones.... Yeah, I'm missing it.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Birthday Party Mania

Weekends are always busy, so instead of preparing through the week I like to procrastinate all my work until the day of.  I knew Saturday was going to be busy, so I made an effort to not do anything on my list until Saturday came around... a denial that it was already going to be a long day.  Instead I went to the kids 2 year and 4 year check ups... both in the 15%... then to the Art City Days in Springville, which was fun but I should have planned in extra time for it.  A quick jaunt down to Spanish Fork to visit with Becca and her kids... loved it so much that I didn't get home on time, but it all worked out.

Saturday was fun and busy... got up early to go to Jer's Half-Marathon that he ran with his dad and our sister in law, Diane.  They all did amazingly!  Jer got a personal best and just enjoyed the whole race, Grandpa got 4th in his age group (which is awesome), and Diane did her first Half-Marathon ever without having time to prepare for it really... She did amazing!

Then on to the combined Bday party for Sam and Evelyn.  Sam wanted a Lego Star Wars birthday, and Evelyn just could care less...  as long as she got to blow out a candle and open presents that she knew was for her then she was good.

Tie Fighters

Lego Tower Race

Light Sabers

Birthday kids

Then... out to do the books for my sister's business and see their progress on finishing their basement.

Now I'm tired, but what a fun party all around.  Thanks all for coming.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fashion sense

Yeah... I told kids to get in the car... My two year old put her boots on before I could get pants on her... It was so cute that I left it.

Biking to the park

Veggie eater

Out of three kids, I have one veggie eater. Evelyn loves cauliflower, cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, etc... She'd already eaten her food and sat watching me eat mine. I got a tomato, a cucumber and guacamole on my fork and into my mouth and Evelyn says, "Stop! High five!" She then sat begging for my veggies and saying, "Delicious."


Today's my Sammy's birthday.... 6/6. And he's now officially 4. It's a day he's waited for for "a long time".  He told me this morning that now that he's 4 he won't like video games, but he'll like puppies instead. For his birthday he wanted peanut butter sandwiches and he wanted to color all day. I absolutely adore this guy.... He curls up next to me and says he loves me. He has a giggle to die for and is not easily deterred.  He wanted a bike and rode it and rode it until he was a pro. He would fall, get back up, fall, and get up again. He has the memory of a champ too. He can recite the first 6 and almost 7 of the articles of faith, can write his name, can identify all the alphabet, can do simple addition and is the best little singer ever. He wakes up singing and knows all the words to all guys favorite songs. He has the best fencing moves I've seen on a 4 year old but would prefer just to play around. And I'm okay with that... This little guy has my heart.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

another thought on Stake Conference

You know how everything will come from the mouth of two or more?  Newly called Seventy, Elder Dube,  also spoke to our Stake at conference.  His talk was a little rambling and the only  thing that I caught directly was his testimony of the prophet and the Book of Mormon.  I just realized as I looked over my notes... he said, "As you read the Book of Mormon, you will find power and strength."  Which is what Elder Perry promised the kids as they read the Book of Mormon over the summer.  Just thought that was pretty cool.

Provo City Center Temple

For family night last night, we took our kids to see the floating tabernacle that was a big part of both Jer's and my life (and the lives of our parents and my grandparents). It will soon be a temple that will touch the lives of my children.
Just a neat thought.

Elder Perry

Yes, we saw Elder L Tom Perry this weekend... But let me start this weekend's blog a little earlier.

Fri:  Sharon is starting a fabric store at the Redwood Road intersection on the way out to Eagle Mountain and the Ranches.  I'm so excited for her. I want to volunteer to do everything... I went over to help with some stuff and we ended up taking a quick shopping trip.  Thanks Seth for watching kids, I NEVER go shopping without them so it was a novel experience.

Friday was also my baby girl's 2nd birthday. I can't believe my baby is not a baby anymore. I love all the fun things She does and learns all the time... But she's definitely not a baby anymore.

Sat:  My brother, Seth, invited us to do good company 5k with him. We made him late so he missed friends, but I thoroughly enjoyed doing it with him. We just talked the whole time and kept kids from getting run over with bikes. Evelyn wanted Seth to carry her a long time, I wouldn't be surprised if he was sore from carrying her for about a mile or so... She's not light. The kids now want to ride their bikes on that trail.  Thanks Seth, it was so fun!

After the 5k, I left Jer to do his training run and took the kids to the splash pad at the Riverwoods mall. They played, I lounged, then we got Milawi's pizza for lunch. 

After naps we bought Ada a new bike. We looked at a few stores and she decided on a purple one. The first one we saw was just plain white. I told the salesman that she probably wanted a girly girl bike... And ironic, the one she chose says Girly Girl right down the side of it. Jer took three hours to put it together and tune up a couple other ones in our garage and we were out till 10pm riding around the neighborhood. It was really kind of funny.  It was like a scene out of some touchy feely movie... Parents out late playing with kids on bikes as they learn how to use the new one... I had fun.  And we forgot about Stake Conference while we were at it...

Sun: and now to Elder Perry...

He talked to us about learning to set in our own minds the things that are important to us, having the power to decide what's right and what's wrong, and influencing our children when we have their attention.  He just touched on the first two and spent the bulk of his talk on the third.  He said, "Teach your children independence."  Straighten out what kids learn at school at play through the day.  Teach "these" young men delayed gratification.  Work is expected.  He said that children need to help home be a better place, including picking up a paint brush, a lawn mower, or doing other chores.  Children need to know the value of money and know "wants vs. needs".  We need to teach them to be self-reliant.  They need an education, and he talked about how many resources for information that we have today.  He also said how easy it was to get rid of bad things on electronic devices... "if there is anything that comes up, it's only one push of the button to get rid of it."  He talked about how we need discipline to seek after eternal truths first and attend the temple often.  He talked about how he knew that his parents had gone to the temple because he'd see his dad holding his mom's hand (he wasn't one that easily shows physical affection.)  We need to consider the contributions we are making in the spiritual lives of our fellow men.  He also talked about how we should teach our kids to be creative, to love the Lord and to grow as strong as the wheat to live among the tares.  He also gave a direct challenge to the kids.  He leaned over the pulpit and challenged them to read 3 pgs in the Book of Mormon everyday this summer to finish the entire book before the beginning of school.  He promised strength in your faith if you did it.

My memories of the kids during the conference....  Evelyn took every crayon she could get her hands on and for over an hour she stripped the paper off and broke them in half saying, "Uh-oh, broke!"  Ada brought a sticker book and spent a lot of her time sticking the stickers all over herself, Evelyn and Mom.  Sam colored, and colored, and colored...  Too cute.

Monday, June 3, 2013


I just love watching Jer play on the tramp with the girls... Makes me happy.