Tuesday, May 28, 2013

baby update

Since I know that everyone is just dying to know all the intimate details of our life, so here they are.  Well, some of them at least. 

Since our last visit to the fertility specialist... I've lost 37 lbs but I'm still not ovulating.  They're pretty sure they can make me ovulate with Clomid barring some unforseen blockages on my tubes and the like... Jer's sperm has improved a ton.  Still not enough there to get pregnant naturally, but there are enough "good" sperm now that we can try IUI.  The good news?  Sooooo much cheaper than IVF and a heck of a lot easier too.  Might have to try it a couple of times to get results, but hoping that something will come of it.  Not sure when we're going to try it, but the sooner the better I say... who knows how long of a window we will have for this.  In the meantime, I'm going to keep trying to lose weight and see if I can get ovulating.  We'll see.

Wyoming weekend

Do you know how much I've loved visiting cousins in their homes the last two years?  Amy and Jon, James and Em, kind of Jay and Emily, Marg and Matt, and our recent visit with Mary and Jeff's family.  We went up to visit, but also because our oldest nephew, Jacob, who stayed with us for a month when he was 13 was graduating high school.  Time flies too fast!  I am amazed at how Jacob (and his brothers and sisters) have just blossomed into the wonderful people that they are today. 

Jacob wants to be a game creator or a programmer... and he'd be very good at it.  He's always thinking about how to make this or that better in current games and I remember him creating his own Age of Empires game version back when he was 13.  He's fun to talk to and laugh with.  He's brave and has really changed over the last 6 years.  I look forward to seeing him be a missionary as he grows spiritually and learns to teach the gospel.

Emma is the most amazing and thoughtful person.  She is very patient with little kids and knows how to keep their interest... she'd be a very good teacher.  She has amazing talent and patience with her artwork.  She could become a gallery artist if she wanted... she has the patience and the persistence to do it. I love talking to her about all sorts of subjects and don't feel nervous to talk about Jer and I planning our next baby or her going off to camp during summer.  I love her hugs and her marvelous laugh.  I kind of see her as a second mom in their household.

Lizzie is out going, not afraid to try anything.  Watching her and Emma reminds me of what it was to grow up with my sister as my very close and best friend.  Always smiley and up for the sentence game.  She will face life and it's challenges with a smile on her face. I love to walk into a room and get one of her smiles.

Joseph is quietly strong.  He is smart, sweet and very funny.  He cares what is happening to other people and always has a lap open to his baby brother.  I've heard him play the piano... and may I just say... wow... Always up for a good game... or twelve.  I've had fun getting to know him more closely as he's become less shy.  I love his jokes and smiles.  You can tell he truly cares for people.

Robert is loving and energetic.  He wants to do things for others.  He loves to be included with his older brothers.  He volunteered to do everything for Sam and Evelyn from helping them into the fort or helping them on the Wii.  He has a contagious laugh and a helpful spirit. 

Matthew is officially one of Ada's favorite cousins.  Old enough to spoil her and young enough to play with her.  You can tell he will be a good worker.   He is creative, playful and definitely a good digger.  Cutest smile ever, and I loved listening to him read while we played Curses together.  Love his heart and enthusiasm.

Samuel is offically the cutest "3" year old ever.  He's becoming articulate and it was so cute watching Evelyn and him play for hours on end.  He adores his family and will love them forever.  Love his cheeser smile. 

What a fun family and weekend full of games, birthdays, jokes, and digging.  Thanks for having us all!

Mary stuck a candle in the homemade salsa that she made on my birthday... (not supposed to eat sugar, remember?) and then we ate it for lunch... YUMMY.

As a side note... we got home in enough time to have our roof really start leaking... we knew that we had a small leak that we'd have to fix when the roof was dry, but it started dripping in our kitchen.  Guess what we're going to be doing once the roof dries out... Go on, guess.

Birthday gift

So I haven't really been into knick knacks for a while, but I thought this one was awesome.... My sister, Janelle, gave this one to me based on this picture that she took of me just outside of Notre Dame Cathedral about 14 years ago.

Friday, May 24, 2013


I usually let the kids watch netflix in the morning while I shower, get dressed and do the dishes. Yesterday they turned it on too early. I called them to come eat breakfast... They glanced at me then back at their show without moving... So instead of yelling, I thought I'd do something new. I went and got ready and started on my chores. By 11am they came to me saying they were starving. I told them they could have a drink but that they'd have to wait for lunch because I'd already asked them to come for breakfast and they didn't do it.  Ada and Evelyn took it well, our Sam started obsessing. He whined for a half hour before I told him to go to bed. Ironic thing? We were only half hour away from eating lunch by that point. Maybe they'll come next time I call for breakfast.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thanks to Uncle Seth

Evelyn has expanded her horizons... she loves to sit on my brother, Seth's, lap and say, "Ears..." He then puts his ipod earbuds in her ears and rocks out to whatever he's got playing...

Saturday she had a blue sucker and I said, "Evelyn, you're blue!" She then started to pretend that she was banging a drum and splashing stuff everywhere... didn't take much to figure out that she was acting out one of the Blue Man Group youtube clips that she's watched with Seth... too cute.

This weekend with pictures....

This weekend was crazy!  Despite having to miss our niece, Mariah's, baptism, a neighbor's wedding reception, and a neighborhood bbque among many things... we were still very busy with fun activities.  We went up to John and Diane's for a fun dinner and game night on Friday. Saturday took us up to McKay and Sophie's for our nephew's birthday party, and on to a game night with Rebecca and Mike. Sunday, Jer made the most amazing homemade chocolate cake ever. Monday, John and Diane came down on a short play date while they picked up two of their kids from Grandma and Grandpa's house, and then we went to my parents for a combined birthday party for me, Sam and Evelyn.  We are so lucky to have the families that we have and to be able to have time to do these fun things.  Thanks for the weekend all!

Can't believe how big these kids are getting!

Cute birthday boy

Sam and Mom opening presents

Evelyn's new boots

After party recovery with Uncle Seth

Lost tooth #6!  Crazy!!! She and cousin Rachel are racing to see who gets all their adult teeth first I think.  As soon as Rachel loses one, Ada tries to catch up.

Nough said

Grandpa pile

Playing puppets

Sunday, May 19, 2013


My not quite 2 year old is doing summersalts.  Too cute.

Friday, May 17, 2013


Sometimes it just has to be someone else... I've tried to introduce my kids to puppets in the past and haven't gotten more out of it than weird looks. Sharon and my mom helped the kids make puppets with paint stir sticks and they've been putting in all sorts of shows.

Mother's day cards



My Sharon and my other Sharon


This is what my parents (and siblings) are installing in their basement as they work on finishing it this summer.... Isn't it going to be amazing?!

My dad

My dad will always be immortalized in my mind as the most capable builder/handyman... Do you know how many times I've seen this scene growing up? And how many of those I was right next to him doing it too...


Ada is growing up so fast. She asked if she could empty the dishwasher for her chore today.  It was the first time doing it on her own. She even put the things that she couldn't reach on the counter.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day

I'm usually pretty good at getting my life recorded as it happens... this time I was too busy enjoying it to write about it.

I LOVED Mother's Day.  Jer let me sleep in forever, he and the kids taped love notes ALL over the house in places that I would go as I did things throughout my week, visited my Grandma, visited my Mom at work, watched the Primary Program (Ada missed half of it.  She thought that when I said it was time to go sing that it was time to go to her class and ran to her classroom before she came back to find out what was going on.  Sammy smiled shyly at me the whole time.), Jer made the most amazing Bulgogi beef, and then we stopped to say hi to Judy before putting kids to bed and watching a movie just me and Jer.  How special to get extra hugs from kids, love from all our family around us and to remember all the special women in our lives.  Love you all!


Evelyn says, "Errrrt, Stop!"

Sam's Sunday Gems

"I am Sam. Evelyn is starting to share and my Mommy is a good Mommy."

Monday, May 6, 2013

My growing, happy girl.  I love cuddling with her.

"Mom, I NEED a back scratch."

I love this man, and I'm pretty sure the kids do too.  I am so lucky.

First time slack lining... way to go Ada!

Not bad for a 1 year old!

Birthday girl and proud mama

I missed Jer on the slack line... the kids needed me, but I managed to get this shot off before I left.  Fun stuff.

ABSOLUTELY LOVE these cute faces!  

And unfortunately, even though I had my camera at my bother's party and at Taylor's blessing it never crossed my mind to pull it out and take pictures... I must be losing my touch.

Yes please...

At Thanksgiving, my grandpa always said he was a yes man.  He wanted to try every kind of pie.  I feel like I'm living as a yes please person lately.  I want a piece of everything.  I love being a part of my family and all the fun activities, and I want to be a part of everyone else's too.

One piece of pie:  Sammy came to us this morning "ready for church".  He'd gotten his own shoes and socks on... one bright white sock and one Toy Story Bullseye sock with his nice black pants and black Sunday shoes.  I didn't even cringe.  He did it himself and I was proud of that.  Let him wear it to church!  He did it himself.  Great Job Sam!

Another piece:  Today we got to go to our nephew, Taylor's, baby blessing.  He is the sweetest little cabbage patch guy ever.  Complete with dimple.  The blessing was so well thought out by his dad and I was so happy to be there for their family today.

Yet another:  Ada had a break through.  She has emotional break downs... for one, she's a girl... and she's 5.  I think I'm probably a little harder on her than I should be though.  My oldest and the most like me in looks and personality.  She has been volunteering to help her siblings with things and acting like the amazing older sister that she is... and.... the when I got after her the other day for fighting with me she didn't break down and make a scene.  She went upstairs to the bathroom, locked herself in, cried, and bemoaned her station in life in true 5 year old fashion.  I remember doing the same thing at her age, and I do think it's healthy to know how to cry.  I'm so proud of her for actually removing herself from the situation so that she could deal with her feelings on her own before we talked together.  (I overheard what she was saying in the bathroom though and I had to laugh. "I'm not a baby!  I know things just like an adult."  When I was 4, I told my mom, "You don't have to tell me anything, I know everything."  Sound familiar?)

And another:  Pips turned 1 this week.  I've been so happy to be able to borrow that baby from time to time.  I think it's been good for me while I am waiting for another of my own, and it helps Evelyn not be the spoiled youngest baby that I want to treat her as.  She's a fun little bugger that talks, walks and eats like a champ.  She loves Evelyn and calls her 'baby' and hyperventilates as soon as she sees that Evelyn's awake/ready to play. We got to got to the party.  The kids loved Vicki's yard and being able to play with new friends and not so new friends.  Pip's dad graduated this week too so I don't know how much I'll actually watch her in the future, but I've sure enjoyed it.  She calls me Mama cause that's what the women that take care of you are called, right?  Sam picked out a baby doll for her at the store and it was her favorite gift.  She carried it around and gave it to each of the women there to rock and love before handing it back to her.

And yet another:  My brother.  What can I say about Seth?  Wonderful, patient, loving, lovable Seth.  He had his birthday and I can definitely say that I've enjoyed all of his 30 years with him.  He's been my friend through every stage of life no matter what I looked like, what I was studying, who I was friends with... My kids LOVE their Uncle Seth and beat him to death every time they see him.  Evelyn drops everything to run and hug him big. She tries to make him laugh and he is the only person besides mom and dad that she'll cry over leaving the house.  Love you bud.

And just one last one:  We started our new round of fencing lessons.  It's interested teaching kids fencing.  They love the idea of it, struggle with the discipline of it, and thoroughly love hitting each other with swords. I LOVE having Ada and Sam in my class.  Ada has decided that she is the class clown though and goofs off more than I'd like, but she still says she likes coming so we'll work on the whole listening thing as we go.  We didn't get to visit Jer's sister in Wyoming this last week because of fencing starting, but I'm glad that we'll get in another set before the crazy family reunions/camping trips/swimming lessons/craziness of summer happens.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Sammy Primary sayings

One that I forgot to write down...

Sammy raised his hand in Primary and very excitedly said, "I can walk like a penguin!  See!?"