Monday, April 29, 2013

Sam's Sunday bests

Sam is so funny in Primary!  While it took him a while to even go in without an adult... and then to stop sitting with Ada.... Finally at the end of April, he is happily sitting with his class without complaint.  He still won't go to the bathroom with his teachers... he has to take Ada because I can't leave the piano during singing time... but at least he willingly goes with Ada.  But it's so fun to see how far he's thrown himself into Primary.  He's memorized 5 of the 13 articles of faith (He's 3 years old... ), sings all the songs as loud as he can, and readily volunteers answers.  We're still working on getting him to raise his hand and wait his turn, but I'm very proud of how far he's come.  My favorite  saying from yesterday was:

(When asked what he does to help his Mom he says...) 
"I help my mom, but I help my Dad!  I have a hammer!"

Family that works together....

On Saturday, we were going to have a game night with John and Diane's family...  They offered to come and help us paint the arbor that we'd just peeled and readied before playing games.... We figured... why stop there?  They were amazing sports and let us use them to build and fill a garden box, paint the arbor, and cut down the cherry tree to replace it with a peach tree.  Thanks you amazing people you!

Don't the arbor and garden look nice!  The roses always look amazing on the arbor, and I'm excited to see if I can actually keep a garden alive this year (and if I can convice Evelyn that this is not her personal sand box).

I have mixed feelings about the cherry tree.  It was a beautiful tree but it was starting to have problems and we were out of room for the peach, and apple trees that we wanted to plant.  Well, it's down and hopefully soon we'll enjoy delicious peaches...

This is the one I'm really sad about.  I LOVE this tree.  It's an amazing shade and climbing tree.  But, it's rotting from the inside.  I don't want it to hurt my kids if it falls over, but I want my kids to enjoy it while they can.  My head says, "Cut it down now!" and my heart says, "Just wait another year."  Maybe I can compromise and move all the kids play stuff out from under the tree and just let them climb in it until it's time to take it out.... at least then they're less likely to be just playing under it.  My guess is that it's more likely to split in the winter with the snow though...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Say Cheese!

That makes four teeth lost, two more loose and two adult teeth grown in... man these kids grow fast.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston Marathon bombing

I've been debating whether to post anything about this event or not.  I wanted to mark it somehow in my own timeline, so I will.

I keep thinking over and over again that if we had been there it might have been me and my kids that were injured. 

When Jer runs marathons we try to be right at the finish line or right before it to see Daddy run in and cheer for him as well as we can with a 5, 3, and 1 year old in tow.  Jer wants to qualify for the Boston Marathon, let's admit that that would be pretty cool.  What if we had been there?  Would we have lost one of our kids?  I don't generally let fear rule my life.  It's easier for me to say, "I'm not afraid, I'd rather experience life than not." when it's just me and Jer.  When it includes my kids... I get anxious.  I want them to have fun, learn, experience... safely.  I am less afraid of something happing to me than I am my kids.  Maybe I need to have more faith in God, to truly trust Him with the safety of my family.  I still need to think things through and be safe, but I think that by trusting God I'd be able to get rid of any and all fear of events like this happening in my life.  That would leave our family free to live life and lead my kids to live in faith instead of fear. 

St Louis City Museum

The way home was an adventure (so was the way out, but that's another story)... We hit that big April snowstorm that closed I-80 and made I-70 hard to drive on.  It stunk because then we had to skip our planned visit to Jer's sister Mary and her family that live the I-80 way.  We also had to skip our planned visit to Nauvoo, so we stopped at the St Louis City Museum instead.  My sister brought us here 6 years ago and we fell in love.  This time our kids fell in love too.  A 3 story jungle gym made from found/salvaged parts and made into a work of art.  It was great this time because I wasn't pregnant and could participate a lot more in the climbing and other activities, but some of the climbing areas made me feel claustrophobic and Evelyn was too small for some of the bigger activities so we had our own little adventures for part of the time.  This first picture is the 3 story slide that the kids wanted to do over and over again.

Isn't Grandpa such a good sport!?

This freaked me out at first, but Evelyn is our climber... she'd climb up where the big kids did and slide down the ramp like a slide. 

This is the giant hampster wheel next to a series of mirrored walls.  My personal favorite part.

A swiveling "chair"

Hot Cocoa in the hotel room after

Trying to see how fast they could get it to go

Indianapolis Children's Museum

Monday, Marg took us to the Children's Museum.  It was so fun to have time to just play and goof off.  This was the Hot Wheels exhibit.  You can see Evelyn on the top putting her car down the ramp before she goes down the slide herself.

Checking out the geckos

Being superwomen...

Dad can fly!

This was way cool... You drove it by pedalling.

Ice Cream Parlor
End of the day parade

Ice cream at The South Bend Chocolate Company.  Yummy.

The Real Bumblebee

Evelyn and her bunnies

The Chihuly exhibit

Jer and his dad laughing about some of the model train tenders being backwards in the train exhibit.  I never would have noticed.

Matt's Family farm

On Sunday Matt showed us his Dad's farm.  Matt's dad has 23 new calves and one of them was about an hour old when we got there.  So cute to see it teetering around and small.  We had hot dogs, marshmallows, and ran around the woods.  We played pig sticks, Matt and the kids knocked over a dead tree, and just got plain old dirty.  It was so fun.  Thanks Matt and Bill!