Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Worst shopping trip

I enjoy shopping with my kids.  Not always, but mostly.  I've been shopping with 5 kids on my own before and it wasn't hard.  I take Pips shopping with me all the time and it works out fine.  It actually keeps Evelyn happier in the cart to have a buddy to play with.  The last time I took the 4 of them though it was hard.  I went to Macey's and got groceries, everything went well.  I needed to pick up one thing from BabiesRUs... to get one thing: I had two bathroom emergencies, a baby run off down the isles somewhere, two kids fall out of the cart (I've NEVER had a kid fall out of the cart... and I had 2 at 2 different times!), Sammy pull over a display shelf that I had to clean up... while cleaning it up the kids got down all the potty chairs and were standing in the potty part of them, Pips decided that she was starving and I didn't have her bottle with me, and the sandals that we bought for Sam kill his feet.  The best part of it?  The kids washing their hands at the kid sized sink.   

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Jenny said...

Made my day. And I just have three - makes me feel like my shopping trips are easy.