Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sweet moments

My favorite moments of the week were:

Ada decided without me that our new elderly neighbors needed a Valentine.  She got her shoes on, coat on, bike out of the garage and took over a handmade Valentine.  Such a cutie.

I was talking to Ada about being healthy and how I'm trying to not gain more weight.  She hugged me with a sad face and said, "But mom, I like you just how you are."

After the sacrament prayer Sammy said very loudly, "AAAAAMEN!  Hey mommy!  I said Amen!"

I just got called to be the Primary pianist... which means that I get to watch my oldest two in Primary.  Ada tries so hard to sit still because she knows she's supposed to... but you can tell it's really hard for her to.  Sammy likes to volunteer information at random points.  Today they were talking about measuring and the different things you could measure with, they got to a cooking measurement and he said, "Hey guess what!  I cook with my dad!"

Yesterday was our Robertson Family Valentine's party.  The game that Becca brought was so cute.  It was hot potato but all the kids wanted to get out because they got a prize when they got out.  Before they got to pick their prize they had to say what they loved about someone in the room.  Sammy said, "I love my mom because she fixes (things)."

Evelyn practiced all the way down to visit my Grandma... she kept saying, "Hi Grandma!"  "Hi Grandma!".... but when we got there she wouldn't say a word.  She did give her a big ol hug when it was time to go home though. 

Sammy's face was so cute when he put together the fact that Great-Grandma Wilcox is his Grandpa Wilcox's mom... "Wow!"