Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sam's first cleaning

Sam had his very first teeth cleaning yesterday. He was a no cavity kid and loved getting his picture taken for the wall. He had never seen a polaroid picture before so he was so excited. He chatted away at the hygienist from the second she said it was his turn. Dh came back to where I was with the other two and told me how adorable he was and that she loved doing his teeth.
Ada and I both had cavities and neither of us are looking forward to getting them fixed. Both of us still gag on the xray film bite wings, so I understand why it takes them 30 mins to her Ada's xrays.  But you can tell she inherited her bad teeth from me. She hates getting fillings so she's determined to brush extra good.
Evelyn, true to her baby self, was determined to touch every button and flip every switch. I had to hand her my phone and sit her on my lap during my cleaning... So now I have about twenty pictures of her legs on my phone.

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