Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

This week has been exciting, finally I'm here to to write about it all on Valentine's day.  The day before yesterday, I just started dinner at 5:30 when the electricity went out.  So we pulled out our camping stove, finished dinner, started a fire in our wood burning stove, played Sorry and Uno, read books and told ghost stories.  Our electricity finally came on at about 10pm.  Because of the fire our house only got to 63 degrees... not too bad without the heater for hours in the middle of winter.  The kids had a lot of fun... an adventure.  Our house smells like smoke now, but slowly it's returning to normal.  Yesterday I had a cap put on my tooth... but they started working on the wrong tooth first.  Hmmm.  Ada had to have a previous cavity fixed again (luckily they did it free).  And my sister, Sharon was the wonderful one that came to save me.  We've had a great week, even though it was crazy.

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