Thursday, February 28, 2013


Picture of yesterday's mess... But it just doesn't capture the pure sticky mess of it... Maybe if I smeared Vaseline on everyone's keyboards... Then you could get a taste for it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Prisoner exchange

Anyone want to exchange kids for a day?  Mine are locked in my bedroom while I try to clean up.  I'm waiting for the floor to dry so I can walk on it so I'll just write down what's happened so far... though I'm not sure I'll forget for a while.

First off... we spent the weekend helping get Jer's brother's floor in so I didn't do cleaning... then I got sick and didn't do chores... then last night we got home at 11pm from finishing the floor (which was fun...), put the kids in bed, sat down to do some computer catch up stuff, got to bed about 12:30am, got woken up at 1am by a Sammy that had diarrhea...which Jer got... then I was up every 15 or so minutes until about 3:30am (Jer took the 5am one too thank goodness)... Got up this morning, cancelled babysitting, got the kids breakfast, dressed, brushed teeth, started packing stuff for Jer's marathon, started the laundry, washed dishes, and just tried to catch up on the last weeks worth of cleaning.  I took a break to make the kids some lunch and found that Evelyn had dumped what was left of two boxes of cereal on the entry way floor and instead of telling me... my older two just sat in the middle of it and ate it (smashed it) until I found it and cleaned it up.  Got them up to eat lunch, ran to the bathroom for a minute and Evelyn got into the food I was packing for Jer's thing... and left mac and cheese hand prints through the kitchen and up the stairs where she came to visit me in the bathroom.  Got that cleaned up and the kids had broken the big box that we'd gotten to make a fort out of even though I told them not to... so that's going to be trashed as soon as I can... Sam started kicking Ada in the face so I told him to go to bed and he completely ignored me, so he got a spank and put to bed.  Evelyn got put to bed, and I went to go shower.  Ada started crying in the kitchen so I wrapped up in a robe and went to see... Ada had spilled a pitcher of apple juice on the floor.  Instead of helping me or apologizing she threw a tantrum that she didn't get apple juice anymore because it was gone, so she got put into bed.  I half cleaned up the apple juice when a friend came over to get help printing out a school paper that she had to turn in in just about a half an hour... finally got into the shower.  Clean!  When I got out of the shower I heard Evelyn's little voice in her room saying, "Help please, help please, help please."  Very quiet and calmly.  I went in and I found the diaper changing table tipped over, the lotion bottle broken and spread around, a very sticky Evelyn and a list of things that I had to clean bag balm finger painting off of.... the ENTIRE rocking chair, the toddler bed, the walls, the carpet, all her baby dolls and toys, her bedding, half the diapers, the baby monitors, etc... I was pretty mad but I lost it when she pooped in the tub while I was trying to wash her up.  Now I also had to finish cleaning the kitchen floor, the bathtub, the bath toys and Evelyn's whole sticky mess.  Good news?  I finally got a hug from Ada saying that she was sorry for making a mess.  That made it easier to clean up her mess...  It's 6:30pm, what are the chances that I get these messes cleaned up today?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


This weekend we went to help put in laminate flooring at Jer's brothers house.  It was fun to do some construction stuff again.  It is easier when there are others that can help out with little kids... that's for sure. Ada was a pill while we were there though.  She broke Anya's doll fighting over it with Adam, got upset that Rachel didn't want her playing with her Merida doll because she'd broken Anya's doll, and jumped on the toddler bed and split the whole support piece.  When we were trying to put her to bed, I thought she'd have fun sleeping with Anya and Rachel but she threw a fit that the pillow case wasn't flowery like Rachel's.  Sheesh.  I ended up putting her to bed on the couch upstairs. (It was cute because Anya snuck out of her room one last time to play with Ada on the couch.)  Sam said, "I'm not going to go to sleep because I'm not in a bed."  But fell asleep as soon as the lights were off.  Evelyn went to sleep in John and Diane's room.  I put her to bed on the bed...  when we left she had pulled the pillows off the bed and put them on the floor next to the door and dragged a blanket off the bed for her use too.  Funny girl.  She was also my cutest helper.  She'd follow along by me with a mallet and bang on the cement of a block of wood.  Then she'd wander off and come back to ask, "Help you?"  How can you say no to that? 

Worst shopping trip

I enjoy shopping with my kids.  Not always, but mostly.  I've been shopping with 5 kids on my own before and it wasn't hard.  I take Pips shopping with me all the time and it works out fine.  It actually keeps Evelyn happier in the cart to have a buddy to play with.  The last time I took the 4 of them though it was hard.  I went to Macey's and got groceries, everything went well.  I needed to pick up one thing from BabiesRUs... to get one thing: I had two bathroom emergencies, a baby run off down the isles somewhere, two kids fall out of the cart (I've NEVER had a kid fall out of the cart... and I had 2 at 2 different times!), Sammy pull over a display shelf that I had to clean up... while cleaning it up the kids got down all the potty chairs and were standing in the potty part of them, Pips decided that she was starving and I didn't have her bottle with me, and the sandals that we bought for Sam kill his feet.  The best part of it?  The kids washing their hands at the kid sized sink.   

Partners in crime

Evelyn and Josh, partners in crime.  Should I get some business cards made for them to hand out to everyone as they go? 


Evelyn wanted to help us cut the wood to make the shelves in the closet.  And Michael wanted to help with Evelyn...  


 We've been trying to get our projects list going before summer gets here and we do all the outdoor projects.  On our list was putting shelves in the broom closet... it worked out nicely didn't it?  Two not on our list was, the fan in our entryway died... so we replaced it with a small light.  I like it better than the fan too.  Another unplanned one is that we have two leaks in our roof.  Well, on to that project.


Grandpas make the best horsies.... and the best part?  Those are some of my most fond memories of my dad.  He'd lay on the floor and let us climb on him, do his hair, "wash" his feet to our hearts content.  Now he lets my kids do it to him too.  Fun. 


Orajel is great for brushing baby's teeth, but my favorite toothbrush for baby's is also an Orajel product.  You put the toothbrush on their (or your) finger and they can go to town.   Evelyn asks to brush her teeth two or three times a day... so cute!


I don't know who knows this but I went to BYU to study Art.  I mostly like sculpture, but I also enjoy painting.  I try to go to each BYU exhibit because I enjoy them.  I took my kids to this one thinking they'd love it.  I think they did.  But while they really loved it and I understood what the point of it was.... I was rather disturbed by all of it.  There was maybe three paintings and one sculpture that I didn't mind showing my kids... the rest of them I just hoped they didn't notice the more violent nature.  ie:  Captain America hold a decapitated Stalin or Mussilini or whoever it was... I was going fast enough that I didn't read the thing on it.  I didn't like the installation piece either.  I looked kid friendly... a couch with blankets, games, shoes, videos, etc... but on the tv they had drawn cartoons of the most violent parts of the scriptures.  David and Goliath, Ammon and the arms, etc...  
Now in all honest, it was called something to the effect of Heroes and Monsters.  Some of them looked like they were showing that heroes can do some monsterous things.  And others looked like they were saying that sometimes the hero isn't such a hero but the one being rescued is the heroic one.  Anyways.... if I'd known how many atom bombs, cutting off limbs and heads, etc that there would be I don't think I would have taken my kids.  I did like the old people sitting around the table playing cards and the giant notebook sketches of the TIE fighter and ninjas.  Evelyn liked the big foot, and I liked reading the blurb on the big foot one about the Bear Lake monster.
I just hope that they were young enough not to notice the gory parts.  


I made these for Evelyn. She walks around saying, "Hat!" and ,"Who, who!"


We went to a fabric store the other day where there was a fake wedding cake and flowers.  Ada is obsessed now.  She tells Sam to call her "wedding girl" and says "this is my wedding place".  My favorite is the conversation we had over lunch about it. 

Ada - "Mom, when I grow up I'm going to marry Sam."
Mom - "We don't marry our brothers and sisters... I didn't marry Uncle Seth or Uncle McKay.  I married Daddy."
Ada - "Then I'll marry Allen."
Mom - "You need to marry someone that you don't fight with very much and that you're happy when you're with them."
Ada - "I know!  I'll marry Michael!  And Sammy and Evelyn will marry each other."

Hmm.... missed the point I think.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

I love

Absolutely love that Evelyn calls anything that comes from a bottle and that you put on the body "soap".  So every time that I put lotion on her she takes some and says, "Soap" and starts rubbing it all over her face. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Overheard a couple funny ones today:

Ada to Allen and Sammy:  "Follow the princess.  The princess has good ideas."

Sammy to Mommy in response to whether or not he wanted Mom to play Trouble with him:  "No.  Evelyn's playing with me, but she's cheating."  (Yeah, it's hard to play a 1 year old isn't it.)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Can I just say

I like doing my taxes... I think it's fun to be able to see how we've financially ended up through the year.  But..... I don't like amending my return.   I'd finished the taxes, filed, been accepted and then I got a corrected 1098 from our mortgage place.  Now I need to refile and our return will be about $1000 less.  Grrr.  Oh well.  I can't say it's the governments fault.  In this case it's the mortgage company's fault.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday mornings

This is Great-Grandma... Surprisingly... our kids have 4 of them still living out of the 10 that they have... That's pretty amazing actually.  Two of them are 93 and the other two are in their upper 80s I think... could be wrong on that one.

Ada and Joseph Smith

Ada learned about Joseph Smith in Primary... I love the picture she drew later....

Valentine's weekend

Sweet moments

My favorite moments of the week were:

Ada decided without me that our new elderly neighbors needed a Valentine.  She got her shoes on, coat on, bike out of the garage and took over a handmade Valentine.  Such a cutie.

I was talking to Ada about being healthy and how I'm trying to not gain more weight.  She hugged me with a sad face and said, "But mom, I like you just how you are."

After the sacrament prayer Sammy said very loudly, "AAAAAMEN!  Hey mommy!  I said Amen!"

I just got called to be the Primary pianist... which means that I get to watch my oldest two in Primary.  Ada tries so hard to sit still because she knows she's supposed to... but you can tell it's really hard for her to.  Sammy likes to volunteer information at random points.  Today they were talking about measuring and the different things you could measure with, they got to a cooking measurement and he said, "Hey guess what!  I cook with my dad!"

Yesterday was our Robertson Family Valentine's party.  The game that Becca brought was so cute.  It was hot potato but all the kids wanted to get out because they got a prize when they got out.  Before they got to pick their prize they had to say what they loved about someone in the room.  Sammy said, "I love my mom because she fixes (things)."

Evelyn practiced all the way down to visit my Grandma... she kept saying, "Hi Grandma!"  "Hi Grandma!".... but when we got there she wouldn't say a word.  She did give her a big ol hug when it was time to go home though. 

Sammy's face was so cute when he put together the fact that Great-Grandma Wilcox is his Grandpa Wilcox's mom... "Wow!"

Friday, February 15, 2013


I know that people do this for sanitation reasons but honestly?  I went to Walmart for some new underwear for Sam and I saw that they had some cutish swimsuits my size.  I chose out two and took my three toddlers to the dressing room to try them on.  I get there and the lady asks me if they are one pieces.  Yes, yes they are... "Well then you can't try them on.  You can only try on the tops not the bottoms in swimsuits."  I just handed her the swimsuits and left.  Like I'm going to buy a swimming suit without trying it on.  Whatever happened to trying them on with your underwear on?  I could always buy them, take them home, try them on, and then return them.  Extra steps... but how would that be different sanitation wise as trying them on at the store? 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

This week has been exciting, finally I'm here to to write about it all on Valentine's day.  The day before yesterday, I just started dinner at 5:30 when the electricity went out.  So we pulled out our camping stove, finished dinner, started a fire in our wood burning stove, played Sorry and Uno, read books and told ghost stories.  Our electricity finally came on at about 10pm.  Because of the fire our house only got to 63 degrees... not too bad without the heater for hours in the middle of winter.  The kids had a lot of fun... an adventure.  Our house smells like smoke now, but slowly it's returning to normal.  Yesterday I had a cap put on my tooth... but they started working on the wrong tooth first.  Hmmm.  Ada had to have a previous cavity fixed again (luckily they did it free).  And my sister, Sharon was the wonderful one that came to save me.  We've had a great week, even though it was crazy.

Monday, February 11, 2013

I'm either a really good mom or a bad one

I let Evelyn feed the baby. If I don't, she's really mad. She does a really good job too and doesn't really make any more mess than feeding a baby already makes.  When she finds Pips' bottle she carries it around while trying to get Pips to eat it.

Do you know

Do you know what a little sweetheart this guy is.  Of course, if I say that he's a sweetheart he says, "No I'm not, I'm just Sam."  Let me tell you about Sam's days.... 
7:30 am  wakes up singing... sings all the way to the bathroom... sings all the way through washing his hands... finds his own clothes and gets himself dressed
8:00 am  comes to ask for some breakfast. 
9:00 am  takes a bath and sings some more
10:00 am  tells Evelyn, "Oh Evelyn!  What a pretty dress. You look like Cinderella."  Followed by Evelyn struting around her room with her tummy stuck out as far as possible.
10-12:30   spent wrestling with Ada and Evelyn
1:00 pm  Sacrament meeting... Sam curled up on my lap and fell asleep.
2:00 pm  Sam helps me take Evelyn to Nursery.  He tells me that he doesn't want to go to Sunbeams... I say, "But Sammy you did such a good job last week."  Sam says, "Oh, oh yeah.  Bye mom!"
4:00 pm  I pick Sam up and his teachers tell me how sweet and well behaved he is.  They say that he's such a fun boy to have in their class.
5:30 pm  Dinner... doesn't usually like dinner, but this time he sees mom eating and instead of complaining that he doesn't like it, he eats about half his dinner and asks to get down.  No complaining?  Sure, you can get down.
6:30 pm  Playing Sorry with the family.  Sammy gets bumped back to the start, instead of getting mad he says, "Oh man!" and keeps playing.
7:30  pm  Watching Howl's Moving Castle with the family.  Sam keeps cuddling up to mom and saying, "Mommy, I love you."

I know that 3 year olds can be frustrating, but I think Sammy is starting to grow out of that.  He's back to that sweet, happy self that he was before his food allergies kicked in and before the terrible 2/3s kicked it.  Sweet, sweet boy.

Monday, February 4, 2013

mix up

Evelyn gets horrible excema.  Mostly in cold weather or extreme hot, but the allergenist and our NAET doctor said to use Cetaphil cleanser to wash her... can't wash her with the other kids and to use the same kind of lotion morning, night and after a bath.  The problem (besides it being expensive... which Costco is having a great deal on Cetaphil right now...) is that the lotion and cleansers look alike besides the words "lotion" and "cleanser" on the bottom of the bottle.  I wondered why my baby looked like her hair was all oily all day... and today I found that the lotion had been put in the tub where the cleanser goes. 

Week end

We had a weekend full of birthdays.  Jer's dad turned 65 yesterday... he's an amzing man and very serious about his chocolate.  I've enjoyed the last 8 years knowing him.  And Ada's friend Emilia had her 4th birthday.  It was a Belle party and they had a dance party and pinata.  Ada decided she wanted to go as Cinderella.  So cute.

Ada and Sam were the dance competition winners... they were so excited... Sammy was rather distraught that Ada wanted to keep the trophy instead of share it...


Love kindle

So, we all have one single kindle account at our house so that we can share books back and forth with each other... I love it for another reason.  I get these emails from Amazon saying thank you for my order... when I haven't ordered anything.  If I go into them I find things like this:

Forget me not by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Your Happily Ever After by Dieter F. Uchtdorf

I love my husband!

Saturday, February 2, 2013


My one

My one and only adventurous eater will eat cauliflower, but not without playing with it first.

I'm a big kid now


I asked the kids to put their coats away and this is what they did.


These two have gotten to the point that if I even glance at the laundry they jump in and start folding. I've never asked them to, but Ada likes to help me during the younger kids naps. And Evelyn's favorite thing to do is load the dryer... I'm going to miss this when they decide not to help me anymore. Ada has actually gotten pretty good, as Evelyn is a good rag folder... I think they are easier to handle at her size.


Isn't this the most adorable quilt? My sister makes and sells quilts on etsy. My mother in law, who is also an amazing quilter, usually makes a quilt for each grandkids. With 35 or so grandkids it's easy to get a little behind.  The solution? She bought this one from my sister for Sam. He loves it.

I love this

My grandmas have had breast cancer and ovarian cancer and my mom had a tumor taken out when she had her uterus taken out, so I try to be pretty good about going to my yearly OBGYN stuff. Those are the days that I don't enjoy being a woman, but better alive than dead right? This picture was taken when my mom came to watch my kids during my appointment. Isn't she wonderful and aren't they cute?!

Sam's first cleaning

Sam had his very first teeth cleaning yesterday. He was a no cavity kid and loved getting his picture taken for the wall. He had never seen a polaroid picture before so he was so excited. He chatted away at the hygienist from the second she said it was his turn. Dh came back to where I was with the other two and told me how adorable he was and that she loved doing his teeth.
Ada and I both had cavities and neither of us are looking forward to getting them fixed. Both of us still gag on the xray film bite wings, so I understand why it takes them 30 mins to her Ada's xrays.  But you can tell she inherited her bad teeth from me. She hates getting fillings so she's determined to brush extra good.
Evelyn, true to her baby self, was determined to touch every button and flip every switch. I had to hand her my phone and sit her on my lap during my cleaning... So now I have about twenty pictures of her legs on my phone.