Thursday, November 29, 2012

Evelyn moments

Can I just say how much I absolutely love this little girl?  She makes me laugh every day... I'm always amazed at how big my baby has gotten.  She can communicate without speaking, she can climb higher and get into more things then ever.  She loves to cuddle and loves to jabber at you.  She loves bunnies and her most used words are: Bibi (binkie), Biki (blankie), shoes, phone, no, and ma(mom). She loves to help me sweep, clean up, and if she sees something laying where she doesn't think it should be she brings it to me and tells me where to put it.

We were up visiting John and Diane's family and I guess their neighbors own several rabbits.  I took Evelyn out to the car to get a diaper and there was a bunny on the lawn.  Evelyn got so excited that she got down and ran towards it.  She was saying, "Oh, oh, oh..." the whole time.  The bunny ran away and she just put her head back in despair and just cried.  Then we saw more... she started hopping around like the bunnies.  When they all ran away she started to cry again.  When I strapped her into her car seat she tearfully said, "Hop, hop, hop..."  I about died laughing.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Free aquarium day

So, I didn't plan this one very far ahead, but we went to the free admission day at the aquarium.  It was busy, but it was fun to see their new otters.  We went with Lorrin, Max and Pips.

Getting ready for Christmas

Fencing Class Demonstration

Even though we were missing 2 of our students we still had fun.  We had a class competition and Allen won 1st, Max won 2nd, and Ada won 3rd... but wanted the 4th ribbon so she switched with Sammy.

McKay and Sophie

I love these sweet guys!  

A little of everything

I think I took a vacation.  I thought that I was blogging regularly, and all of a sudden I have about a month gap on my blog.  Hmmmm... We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Jer and I hosted my family and my friend, Emily.  It worked very well.  Jer made the food, I cleaned and took family pictures.  All in all it was a blast.  Janelle and I tried to play Candyland with the kids after we ate... made it mostly through and ended up taking a nap instead.  Sharon and Sophie took us to see Breaking Dawn part II.  It was a fun day.


This is the cute Crawford family.  A lot of their pictures turned out the same because it was cold and our main goal was making sure that we got some pictures with all of the kids looking and not making faces, etc... My favorite series of pictures were two brothers making bunny ears on each other, the mom getting after them, then their brother picking his nose, his dad getting after him, and then their baby brother starts crying and we have to get the dad to hold him.  It's so funny to look through them.  All in all, they were a fun family to shoot.  I know most of them pretty well, and have met the others when I shot their family two years ago.  Love you guys!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Her name is Avonlea but this is "Pips".  Dang cute baby and sure is sweet...We're going to try again when she's more smiley but we did get some cute ones.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Tender mercy

My day the other day was not a bad one, but it was one that everything seemed to grate on me. When one of Ada's friends comes to visit they always put the dog in the kennel and only end up playing out there for a few mins before they give up and come back in without letting the dog out again. Evelyn had just gotten up from her nap and wanted to go outside. I took her blanket (favorite blanket... And the one that I made for her) and binkie and put them on a chair so she wouldn't take them outside. Later I sent Ada out to let the dog out, she tried but 'just couldn't'. I went out to let her out and Evelyn had taken her blanket on the swing and left it. Even though I had been mad at Ada, I was very glad that they put the dog where she couldn't chew up the blanket and that Ada couldn't get her out on her own.

Primary program

Like most primary programs, we had our program yesterday. Ada knew her part, said it clear and loud. After the first song Sam stood up and yelled,"Yay Ada go!" Couldn't stop laughing long enough to explain that we don't yell in church. And Evelyn saw our neighbor, Jason, up giving a talk and she said,"Oh, hey!" So fun and it was fun to see my mom, dad and Nella.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treating

Let's sum up... I love the people we live by... Amazing people.  So friendly, some of them good friends some of them better friends.  We went trick or treating with some of them.  The Millers and the Bronleys... and were invited over for soup and socializing afterwards by the Smiths.  I loved it all.  The kids loved it but were done about halfway to our soup stop.  I loved seeing all our neighbors out and saying hi.  I loved showing off costumes to my mom and sister right before (thanks for stopping by!), and I loved that Sammy would introduce Ada as, "My sister, Rainbow Bright."

Evelyn LOVES Grandpa... (and Uncle Seth is still the only person that she cries for when he leaves...) 

Twink, Mario, and Rainbow Bright 

Sam, James, Lizzie, Ada, Alan, Jer and Evelyn 

This is what Ada called the "Halloween House" and Belle there is Ada's friend Amelia... and yes, her mom made her costume! 

The Smith's dog... is a horse.  Ada is about the size of a 7 year old and with his head up the dog comes roughly to her shoulders.